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  1. Will most Kluson 3-on-a-plate tuners drop right into the headstock of a J-45? Those Grover mushroom/kidney things are sh@t.
  2. tru

    Pawn Shops

    Did this happen recently? Why so cheap? Is one of the issues that a neck reset is needed...or cracks?
  3. tru

    Pawn Shops

    Nice! Todd Snider (who you gotta know, if ya dont) plays these on the road (tho cutaways).
  4. tru

    Pawn Shops

    Has anybody ever seen a decent Gibson acoustic in a pawn shop in the past several years?
  5. So that being said, you would buy the older guitar, say, the 2009 over the 2017?
  6. Suppose you bought 10 used J-45 Standards from ten different online resources. All appointments being equal, how many guitars do you believe you would find to sound poorly? Granted, there might be a clear rating of all ten, best to worst. But how many of these do you believe would make you say, “yuck...i’d never want this J-45.” (and, yes, please keep your “i’d never buy without playing it,” responses, and pizz off.)
  7. What is the difference between a Gibson J-45 Standard Sunburst and a Gibson J-45 Standard Montana Sunburst?
  8. I don't know what I'm talking about, however, the link I shared is what prompted me to ask this initial question. The person is calling this a "2014 Gibson J-45 Burst," not using any words such as STANDARD, CUSTOM, etc. I simply want to know what model that guitar is, and if the seller is using his wording in an official/appropriate manner.
  9. Yeahhhh....that thread spikes many of my talking points, but it does not address the direct question. plus...nobody wants to wade through the quagmire of the never-ending-posted-topic that you pinned.
  10. Does anybody have DEFINITE opinions about the single-best material? Anyone tried "fossilized mammoth." (is this real??? hahaha) ( yes, it is)
  11. What model is this? https://reverb.com/item/33241480-gibson-j-45-2014-burst Is the person listing this just a wing nut, or am I missing something?
  12. Has anyone played a Standard since 2000 and thought it was better than a TV? if you were forced to buy a Standard or a True Vintage (money not being an issue), which would you pick, and why? (and yes, we all know about “the one that sounds best,” but this is hypothetical.
  13. No, I mean would the word BURST be on the soundhole sticker? When someone sells a guitar they’ll usually type Gibson J-45 Standard ... or Gibson J-45 True Vintage. This guy typed “2014 Gibson J-45 Burst” Im asking if thats an actual name or just some poetic license on the seller’s part?
  14. I would also het rid of those ugly and heavy mushroom tuning machines and replace with some high quality high ratio cream button tuners.
  15. I saw a listing that read Gibson J-45 Burst I understand “burst/sunburst” as in conversation, about the paint job, but is it an actual word in model names? Is this person accurate in their titling of item for sale?
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