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  1. tru

    Amp Jewels

    How do I know if replacement amp jewels will fit my 1960 Gibson Skylark?
  2. tru

    Adi Braz

    When you say "label" do you mean the sticker in the soundhole???
  3. tru

    Adi Braz

    Are there any specific Gibson years/models with Brazilian Rosewood back/sides, and Adirondak Spruce tops?
  4. tru

    Serial Number

    Thanks everyone! But let me try to recircle to my origina question, and rephrase: Suppose you had a used unaltered Gibson acoustic (no documentation papers) and wanted to sell it to someone that was knowledgeable about these things - What would you do to get the info needed to properly/fully/correctly describe this instrument? (year, electronics, shade of burst, standard, TV, walnut, artist, blah, blah, blah). Remember - you have nothing other than the guitar, its headstock stamp, and soundhole sticker info.
  5. I do believe that is it, because it only has a wheel as far as controls go.
  6. Yes, but if I want to sell one I want to give complete details. So I came here for that knowledge.
  7. Which Baggs pickup is it?
  8. Does anyone know exectly what brand/model electronics the factory would have put inside a 2012 Hummingbird? Also, how do you know this? Is there some place official where I can learn things like this?
  9. What was used to capture the audio?
  10. tru

    Serial Number

    Where would one find the model number? If it is only on the wannanty card and you are buying a used guitar, then you might be outta luck?
  11. Is there some place where a serial number will not only identify the year, but also the EXACT name, as well as the name of the color that Gibson uses? I see a lot of guitars out there for sale and the whole Standard, Vintage, Honeyburst, Sunburst, Tobaccoburst, Cherrburst, all seem to be used quite haphazardly? In short, how can I determine the EXACT words to use when selling a Gibson acoustic?
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