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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone ever seen wear like I'm experiencing on my 2019 Gibson Firebird? It appears like the finish is bleeding or transferring from the guitar body onto the pickguard. It was perplexing at first as I've only had the guitar for little over a year. That said, I play it a ton, and finish transfer (if that's even the right word for it) seems to mirror where my fingers brush against the center section of the Firebird's body while playing . I'm not sure if this bothers me or not yet, but I'm just curious if anyone has experienced anything like this on a Gibson (or other guitar) and what they did to fix it. Edited to add: I use black Dunlop Jazz III picks, for whatever that's worth.
  2. Hi, I've got my eyses on a ES-339 2011 Custom Shop. When asked, the seller told me that there are two small cracks in the finish near the studs (see pictures below). I'm wondering, how to check if it's just the nitro finish cracking or if it's the wood and if it might indicate some potential major problem ? I've read a lot of posts on this forum on finish cracking, but none of them around studs. And as studs are fitted tight, there's strain on the wood and I was wondering if it could lead the wood tto crack PS : in case it would be relevant, the vendor is asking 2400$, which according to my reasearch seems in the market and not suspiciously low. Thank you for your expertise and for your time !
  3. Guys,hope everyone’s safe during covid. I have a specific question about finish cleaner. I recently acquired a '71 Goldtop and accidentally spilled a drop of alcohol/oil contained liquid. So stupid,I want to tear my hands off. It made a track on the finish, not too deep, but surely has some deepness. Idiot. Knowing,that alcohol destroys nitro, My question is - did I completely ruin it and its going to stay there forever? (no refin suggestions on all original 71)) what to do? Can any cleaner handle that? Gibson Pump? Luthiers choice? GHS black bottle cleaner? Virtuoso Cleaner (I’ve read its the best)
  4. I am looking for a guitar strap for my 2013 ES-335 with a nitro finish. I am having a hard time finding options that may work...based on my research I believe I can only pick either a cotton or leather strap. I stumbled across Gibson’s straps here: https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Straps I am interested in the Mosaic strap but am really curious what materials all the straps use. It looks like they are lined with a leather backing. Can all of these straps be used on a 335 with a nitro finish?
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