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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Behringer users. I'm sure you just got your new, shiny Behringer controller and are wondering how to use it with deckadance. Well, the answer is you can't. Sorry, but as volunteer script writer and owner of several behringer devices my self, I am going to do the honest thing and tell you that its a lost cause. In the unlikely event that you are able to unlock the LE version of deckadance available for download on these forums, it wont be any good. There is a time bomb built into the software that will deactivate it at the end of 2020. I have taken a brief crack at trying to locate it to figure out a way to disable it, but I don't have an activation code myself to try unlocking the initial software as I bought my installation of deckadance when it was an imageline property. OK, I hear you asking yourself, Now what do I do? Well, There are options. Thankfully Behringer still exists and has shown some knowledge if you know where to look. And then, there is the global community at large. Option 1 Traktor by Native Insturments is a great option. It is an industry leader and is fully midi mappable. To use any of these controllers with Traktor, you will need a license for Traktor Pro 2 or 3. THE FREE VERSION OF TRAKTOR WILL NOT WORK AS IT DOESNT ALLOW FOR CUSTOM MIDI. Traktor Pro 3 is available for 99$ and yes, you will need to spend the money for the software in this situation. IF you own a CMD-PL1, Behringer has made a traktor mapping available. It can be found here. https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/DJ-Controllers/CMD-PL-1/p/P0AJF/Downloads#googtrans(en|en) IF you own a CMD LC-1, Behringer has made scripts for Ableton live and Traktor. they can be found here. https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/DJ-Controllers/CMD-LC-1/p/P0AJD/Downloads#googtrans(en|en) Again, you will need to buy traktor. IF you own a CMD-DC1, Behringer has made scripts for Ableton Live and Traktor. They can be found here. https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/DJ-Controllers/CMD-DC-1/p/P0AJH/Downloads#googtrans(en|en) IF you own a CMD-MM-1, Behringer has made Scripts available for Ableton Live and Traktor. They can be found here. https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/DJ-Controllers/CMD-MM-1/p/P0AJE/Downloads#googtrans(en|en) IF you own a CMD-DV1, Behringer has made a script available for Traktor. It can be found here. https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/DJ-Controllers/CMD-DV-1/p/P0AJG/Downloads#googtrans(en|en) If you own the CMD-Micro, Behringer has made a script available for Traktror, it can be found here. https://www.behringer.com/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/DJ-Controllers/CMD-MICRO/p/P0AJR/Downloads#googtrans(en|en) Unfortunately, if you don't own any of the devices above, there does not appear to be official mappings for traktor or ableton that I can find. But don't worry, keep reading. Option 2. Option 2 is where users of the CMD Studio Lineup will have to go. For the behringer CMD Studio 4-a and 2-a, You can visit https://maps.djtechtools.com. This is a wonderful site. You can find mappings for almost any controller there. Ableton, Traktor, Serato, and many others can all be found there. And finally, Option 3. The community at large. Mixxx is an open source piece of software that is free. You aren't going to find too many supported controllers here, but they do support the CMD Studio 4a, CMD Micro, and CMD-MM1. The Studio 2a and and PL1 are listed as in development. Mixxx can be found at https://mixxx.org Thanks and never stop learning.
  2. The Deckadancer 2 LE can´t be activated because the web site from Stanton either Cakewalk, are wrong, with error because the new account creation is currently disabled. I waited a month to fix the web, but It continue the same. It,s not fixed. How can I actívate the software if the web site doesn´t allow créate a account necessary to Access and actívate the software? how can help me? Behringer? Stanton? Cakewalk?
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