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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I purchase a used Epiphone Les Paul, in her neck has a information Standard Les Paul, but behind has a brand Epiphone (Limited Edition - Custom Shop), I read that is a serie that have only diferences in your color or aesthetics, but in your construction is similar like a Standard, but a just wanna know how is your truly model and your color, she have a color red like the sparkling burgundy but in all body and neck, your writings are in gold, and bridge, pickups, shields and knobs are black, the pickups don't have a plate too
  2. Greetings, So I purchased this modified 1983 Explorer a few years ago with the sellers claims it was a Custom Shop and also Korina. I liked the guitar and it played REALLY well so I bought it. But being modified with EMG's and diamond plate, I was skeptical about the Custom Shop Korina part. It does have the CS logo on back of headstock, but you know ebay.... I was curious the other day and opened up the top removing the full diamond plate pickgaurd and discovered a previous tremelo routing. (I assumed this since the headstock has locking nut screw holes). But to my surprise, the wood in the tremelo cavity appeared to be Korina! Now I know it's been modified with the trem, and a dozen small screws for the diamond plate pickgaurd, but this is really cool! I did a little research and verified my 80483566 ser# is just a few digits off of a known 1983 Korina Custom Shop Explorer. Great News! The setup and level of work done to this vintage Unicorn makes me a little suspect if this could be a "Hetfield" guitar or other known shredder? The frets are perfect jumbos, the action is tight, planet waves locking tuners, Tonepros bridge and saddle, and a real Pro setup. I know there are alot of fans making clone guitars, but nobody hacks up a guitar this rare. 100 total I think I read? My question? Should I try to restore it to original glory? or seek the Heavy Metal story behind this Unicorn? Thanks and Cheers!
  3. Hey everybody—just joined, very excited to learn more about the Gibson brand, and guitars in general! I recently acquired a Custom shop Black Beauty CS 4317* this means 2004 I was told. does anybody know what the pickups would be in this guitar?—- they sound great, I’m just curious, I might want to buy a pair of same to put another guitar. thank you in advance for info!
  4. Came across this guitar, and I'm not familiar with this headstock sticker. Can anyone confirm it's legit?
  5. So here is the story of my long journey into this firebird. Earlier this year a youtube channel did a give away for a 1990 Firebird V custom shop. Of course I didn't win but I have been obsessed with finding another one of these exact models for sale because I have to have one. I accidentally ran into the guy who won it on reddit and he said he had contacted Gibson and they said it was a one off guitar and that they couldn't tell him what the color was called because apparently it either hadn't been named or they couldn't find any record of it. But as you see from the pictures I provided I have found other 1990 Firebirds that have the pearl pickguard and seem to be the same guitar just different color. To be clear it is the green one I want and am looking for. The serial number is 92300756. So I was hoping that maybe the person who answered his question didn't have all of the info and maybe there is someone on the custom shop forum that works for Gibson that either built these or knows more of the story behind them. Gibson also told him they possibly think its a frost blue that faded into a different color but I just don't see it. To me it looks more to be a cross between kerry green and inverness green. So is there anyone who knows what this color is called or if there are more of these out there? I very much appreciate your help. Also, I have thought of the possibility that it is a kerry green or inverness green guitar. Because obviously the paint isnt mixed the same every time I have seen guitars labeled with the same color but looked very different. Maybe this just got a more vibrant mix? I am not sure if you are able to tell from the pics but the videos posted of this guitar show a very slight burst on the outside of the guitar where the color looks a little bit lighter when you see it in a certain light or at different angles. Thought it may be worth mentioning. Thanks Chris
  6. Hi folks, Need some assistance from you (and your knowledge). I stopped using Gibson guitars for 4-5 years, sold my 3 LPC (2x 2008 and 1 2014) because I started using another brand of guitars (Mayones). So long story short, I have been thinking on buying a Les Paul Custom again to record a new album and probably keep it for future stuff. Reason why I moved away from Gibson was because of the weight and neck profile mostly, but I kind of need one now for certain things (scale length and overall sound for rhythm sections). So I have 2 options available right now from local sellers. 1 guy has a 2000 LPC, it looks like at that year Gibson was still building the LPC at the USA side of the Nashville factory, comes with the brown/pink Gibson USA case and no COA due to the year. The other option I have available is a 2014 LPC, similar to the one I had 5 years ago but with the gold hardware (mine had chrome hardware), comes with Case, COA, etc, the regular stuff that includes the Custom Shop guitars since moving production to that side of the factory. Now the real deal is, the 2000 LPC sells for $2’300 USD, while the 2014 LPC sells for $3’100 USD. I have never had the chance to try a “non Custom Shop” LPC. 1. What would you suggest based on your experience ? 2. How different is the LPC CS model to the USA model ? (Construction, Wood, Neck) Best Regards
  7. Hey everyone! I’m new to the forum here, and I just picked up a 1998 Gibson ES-335 63 RI Historic Made in Nashville. It’s a natural finish with dark mahogany neck and full fretboard inlays. I was wondering if anyone had any information on these guitars? I can’t really seem to find too much about them, and do t see any for sale online that contain worth while information. What I do know is that these were built in Nashville, I think from 98-01 by the custom shop historic team, but other than that, I don’t know much about it. I’m curious as to how many were made, finding out if these were definitely CS Historic, and what the potential value is? It’s a beautiful guitar. Great resonance and a fat full tone. Any information and help is much appreciated! Thanks I’m advanced!
  8. Ciao a tutti! Avrei bisogno del vostro aiuto perché vorrei acquistare una nuova Sg e da anni ho il pallino della versione Vibrola. A questo proposito sto considerando di prendere la reissue 1964 maestro vibrola, costa parecchio ma sono riuscito a racimolare una bella somma. Ancora per qualche settimana non mi sarà possibile andare a provarla in negozio e mi chiedevo se qualcuno l'avesse provata e se valga il prezzo. In particolare mi chiedo se anche le nuove produzioni perdano facilmente l'accordatura. Sicuramente la prova in negozio sarà determinante ma intanto volevo raccogliere un po' di impressioni da voi! È una chitarra che in generale consigliate o pensate che in casa gibson ci siano soluzioni migliori? A partire dalla versione stopbar. Grazie mille in anticipo!
  9. Hi everyone. I have a Gibson Custom 1963 SG Standard in VOS Alpine White with a Maestro tailpiece. I purchased it from Wildwood Guitars in Colorado. Gibson makes a big deal about how accurate their vintage specs are, but I sure don’t agree. I understand why they don’t use Brazilian Rosewood, but do not understand why they can’t get the little details right. The shape of the inside upper and lower cutaways (horns) are not at all accurate, and there are a few odd humps, apparently from whatever CAD machining process was involved in construction. I’ll try to attach a picture. Additionally the fingerboard shows tooling marks from the radius cutter, the fingerboard extension onto the body is too thick, the binding color is wrong (too yellow) and they left masking tape on the short piece of binding on the heel of the fingerboard. That’s not every single thing, but it’s enough to be disappointing when talking about a $3K guitar. I’m 66 years old, and had a couple of originals. The little details may not mean much to some, but these things add up to a lack of attention to detail on Gibson’s part. Don’t tell me how accurate your vintage detail is unless it’s true. Gibson, it’s not accurate. Some of us actually know and care.
  10. Gibson CS 60th Anniversary 1957 Les Paul Standard Reissue Gloss Gold Top. Guitar is in perfect shape, comes with all the case candy and the vintage spec case of course. $3700 is fair, the cheapest I have found this particular guitar is $4400, and it keeps going up in value. One of 60 made for the 60th Anniversary of the original 57 gold top. Let me know if this is not the place to post. Thanks. Located in New Jersey.
  11. For those contemplating a les paul, don’t believe that custom shop means anything. I bought a 56 reissue custom shop gold top online. The gold top has obvious milling/finishing issues and they couldn’t care less. The case was also very shoddy, and I think I may get a replacement for that. We’ll see. My advice? Don’t buy a guitar online. Also, don’t buy into the vaunted “gibson custom shop” bullshit. Hold the guitar in your hands and inspect it carefully. Reputation means nothing anymore. Even for iconic brands.
  12. I recently purchased a 2005 68 Reissue LP Custom and everything checks out on it. The only thing that has me freaked out is the assymetrical top. Check it out and let me know your thoughts please. I’ve checked everything and it is legitimate, however I just realized the symmetry on the top is crooked, could this just be a flaw? serial: 052658, Weight is correct, Joint is correct, inlays are correct, Gibson Logo is correct, Truss Rod cover is correct, even the internals are correct, Grovers are correct, Bindings are good. I’ve just not seen a top like this before. The line in the middle of this top exits between the G and B string. Every Gibson I’ve looked at exits between D and G.
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