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Found 3 results

  1. Is Gibson closed thru New Year's? Purchased a guitar lastnight..Need to speak to a live person..been calling since 9am..Can't locate Holiday hours.
  2. I recently went through a failure of epic proportions trying to buy an SG and wanted to share my experience to spare others my heartbreak. I bought an SG standard 61 four times because I loved it so much and had to return all of them. 1) From Guitar Center - brand new guitar, the tuning knob was bent, 2) From Gibson directly, arrived with a deep scratch across the fretboard and inlay, 3) Musicians Friend, fret buzz so bad I couldn't unhear it, 4) Guitar Center again, in two weeks bridge pickup grounding broke, no sound. I cannot explain away any of the problems I had. For nearly $2,000, these issues should not have occurred. I've had a Mexican Telecaster for years and never had any problems. The thing is a fraction of the cost of the SG. Please take a long look if you're going to buy a new Gibson. Once or twice can be explained away as unlucky, but four times means there is a structural problem.
  3. So, lil bit ago i bought a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Premium Quilt Ocean Perimeter Guitar. It was new and i love it. As new ir came with the usual case candy, gibson multi tool, cleaner cloth, care guide. What it was missing however was the Set up/Final Check photo that has come with most other Gibson's i bought new. I was kinda bummed that it didnt cause i actually thought "huh..... that pretty awesome gibson does this" when i got my first Gibsons and honestly had excitement for it when i got my others. Idk guess its kinda like a baby's first photo kinda thing xD Anyways i was bummed but cut my losses until i saw this video https://youtu.be/Qi3-D7N31eo and the what im guessing is the plant ceo, the same plant my guitar came from btw, says that they keep all those photos on file and could send one out if say a customer ever lost theirs...... and thus i got excited and instantly contacted customer support through email...... 2 weeks ago..... multiple times..... and tried calling but no answer....... so i ask this Am i just screwed xD does Gibson Customer Support Just not exist xD i wouldnt even be mad just to get a "nah we cant do that my dude" cause atleast then id know they actually READ the damned thing i sent in. Its rather concerning.... what if i actually had a real issue with my guitar....
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