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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I’m just looking for some friendly advice. I’m pretty sure I’ve been ripped off on eBay lately. In my haste to replace my Les Paul machine heads I bought the ones in the images below. However they didn’t fit and the seller will not accept returns. Now they are mine to sell but I think I paid way too much (£129) . For your information, the writing says “made in Germany” on the underside. Which I assume means Schaller, but wanted to know can anyone tell me a) if there’s anything special about these which justifies the price. and b) what could I charge for these as a fair price when I send them to their new home. many thanks. George.
  2. Hello everybody I own a gibson Les Paul Deluxe with serial number 637141 with number 1 a bit lowered down as you can see from the attached picture. According to the serial numbering logics should be a 1963 model am I wrong? Do you guys at Gibson know how much that guitar value would be? Except being part of my heart 😉. Thanks for your reply, Marco from Italy
  3. Each to there own opinion on this one, but this is NOT a Chibson! This is a Les Paul Standard that was been worked on by one of the best know luthiers in the UK, Martin Sims https://www.sims.guitars/ What are your views, what would have have done differently? Do you like it? Do you hate it? https://youtu.be/teG25GqcC9k There are children on our YouTube channel as we are a music school, so pretty please, keep it clean :-) I am really existed to hear your comments and what you would have done differently. Thanks for your time folks :-)
  4. I bought this guitar at Guitar Center back in ‘09 and I have to say I’m disappointed in the build quality. There’s been a few issues creeping up on the guitar, some are cosmetic, but others are a bit more troubling. This leaves me with three choices: I could sell the guitar, trade-it in, or fix it. This was my first big guitar purchase, I was pretty young and naive at the time and if I could do it again I would save up a bit extra and get exactly what I wanted. I don’t want to sell it and I don’t need a new guitar — I have this one, a Fender Telecaster made in Corona, CA, and a Jackson Randy Rhoads Pro 3, the latter of the two have aged well, the Randy Rhoads I bought in 2005, and the Fender in 2013 which is why I’m bummed that I have to repair the ‘09 Gibson, but I think that fixing it is probably the right choice. What I was hoping to do is point out each issue, what I plan on doing about it, and (hopefully) get feedback from the community, to sanity check that that’s a sane thing to do (maybe there’s something better, maybe there’s something I didn’t think of). I’ll post them as a series of posts under this thread, just so that this isn’t a big daunting post. I’m sure a lot of these issues are little things, and each is it’s own subject, so there’s probably no need to conflate it into a mega-post.
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