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Found 7 results

  1. I'm having a hard time identifying an Epiphone SG I recently picked up. It has a set neck, 2 open-coil humbuckers, 1 volume and 1 tone control, and the open-book headstock. Somebody may have added the vintage metal headstock logo. It looks like it was originally black, but it's now covered with a thick coat of something resembling house paint, so there are no identifying markings such as a serial number. The seller thought it was made in Japan, but there's no way to confirm that. He also said he acquired it without a pickguard, so he added one. The pickups sound surprisingly good. It reminds me a lot of my Bully SG, but with a set neck, and the classic headstock. Any idea just what it could be? thumbnail.jfif
  2. Hoping ya'll can help me out decoding my serial number. Looks like it was originally 11 numbers then was ground down to 8. Bought this second hand 10 years ago. Why would it be ground down? And did I get got by a fake? It also has a "hand made in china" sticker...is that legit? Thanks!
  3. I just bought a very nice 2009 Epiphone Custom SG in a burl finish. What was the cost new and what are the pickups in those ?
  4. Hi, I wanna know the production date of my SG. I know that it's made in Korea, but have no idea of the year - serial decoder say it's august 1986, 1996 or 2006. It has "vintage mint" tuners and a Gibson logo on the truss rod plate. Btw. original screws on pickguard, frames etc. was black, but I changed it to chrome because of rust. Serial: I6080778
  5. Hey I recently bought what I was told was a 1984 Epiphone SG. I know obviously that this is bull, as Epiphone only started making the SG in 1989. Can anyone verify if this is a real Epiphone SG. Btw, I've checked for a serial number but can't find one
  6. Hello, I need help to identify and price my old electric guitar. Its an Epiphany SG with a Gibson Batch on the Neck. Number at the back of the neck - B30218945 Thx a lot Patrick 3EFECF25-EAAB-4355-ACDD-E0560B367F89.heic E6637650-4BD1-4E2D-BFDD-6530C4A12F9D.heic DD58D4DC-4532-40F4-8C01-F0924FE89C7C.heic 7817C989-8840-4A6F-892A-B5A23BEC602F.heic 5997FE06-0A50-4109-8B3E-0D2B037066E5.heic
  7. Hi all, I got a crack in the neck of my Epiphone SG right next to the body, see photos. I tried removing the neck but I'm not sure I can (see third photo) and don't want to force it and make things worse. How would you suggest fixing this? Is it possible to remove the neck, apply some wood glue and let dry? Would it be better not to remove the neck at all? It looks like the truss rod doesn't go all the way into the body but I can't be sure. Thanks!
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