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  1. I’ve been looking to buy a Nick Valensi Elitist Epiphone Riviera for a while now to no avail. If anyone has one and is willing to part with it I would be very interested in purchasing it! There was a sunburst model and a maple model I would be interested in purchasing either. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know where were the Beatle's Epiphone Casinos made?
  3. A while ago, I mentioned on these forums that I was looking into getting an Epiphone AJ45. After the resounding support, my interest was definitely piqued. Now I’m in awe of my new AJ45! I think my beloved Texan is going to be sitting in its case for a while as the AJ45 has become my go-to acoustic. It’s simply an incredible guitar! I record with it, I do (virtual) gigs with it, and I somehow feel like an elevated singer-songwriter with it... There’s so many reasons why the AJ45 is amazing! All Solid Wood I was considering this guitar, a
  4. Sooo... I know this is a shot in the dark, but I’ve been looking for an epiphone masterbilt ef-500 ravs for quite a while now. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell? I’m also interested in aj-500 with vintage sunburst. But would prefer an ef. Thanks in advance!
  5. I am tremendously lucky to have this incredible 2004 Les Paul Custom from the LQ series, made by the legendary company Fujigen in Japan! This exquisite guitar was shipped to me from Osaka by a very kind seller who offered it back in January; I just happened to come across it at the right time. Enjoy some photos: https://ibb.co/x7FT8wH https://ibb.co/JB6T77Z https://ibb.co/Ks7JqdJ https://ibb.co/HV9QM2W https://ibb.co/k5B10gp https://ibb.co/9hLD9bc From what I’ve researched, the LQ series is a limited edition run from 2004-2007. What makes it distinct fr
  6. I'm hoping for some input on a guitar I'm looking at. The guitar is a Epiphone DR500MCE Masterbilt and is in seemingly great condition other than this crack in the neck area by the nut. The seller says that the crack is on both sides of the neck but only gives me one picture which I'll post here. They live about 2 hours away from me so I don't really want to drive out there if it's not worth it. My question is how much would you pay for the guitar? Would it be worth picking up or should I pass on it? Any help is greatly appreciated. The headstock doesn't seem to have any scuffs
  7. So I removed the “made in china” and the “quality control” stickers of my epiphone. I want to return the guitar to the store where I bought it. The guitar is in new condition still. I hope its not really a problem. I mean they are just stickers after all. But maybe they are important. I don’t know I hope I didn’t f**k this up.
  8. Buonasera volevo chiedere un'informazione a voi gibsoniani ed epiphoniani: Ho le mani particolarmente piccole e ma sono appassionato del sound Gibson/Epiphone Les paul: vagando un po' in giro mi ero orientato o sulla Epiphone lp Muse o sulla Epiphone lp modern ma non riesco a capire con quale di queste avrei un manico più sottile alla fine dei conti. Ho avuto una Epiphone lp custom per anni che alla fine ho venduto per una chitarra con un manico più sottile, ma la passione per quel look e quel sound non é passata. Aiutatemi vi prego
  9. Hi Friends! I cracked open my new Epi Coronet to take a look under the hood, and I was quite impressed overall. I noticed that the 2-conductor pup connection is a quick-connect type connection. I think it'd be kinda fun to find some of the male connectors and crimp them on to some other pups I have, but I haven't had luck finding the specific connector. I know the simple solution is just to cut them off and solder, but yeah, just want to explore this idea more. I've searched extensively and have found many similar connectors, but would like to find an exact match because I am a weirdo 🤓 D
  10. That's it. That's the whole entire post. 2020 is Epiphone's best model year yet. Anyone who seems surprised by this reality hasn't been paying attention to the amazing quality Epiphone has been steadily putting out . Especially over the past five years or so. This year we have all the incredible Les Pauls. Including the revamped Prophecy line. The Masterbilt Texan, along with the Frontier and Excellente models that were reissued. Same as the Coronet and the Wilshire. Now the latest Inspired By Gibson Electrics: ES-335s and Figured ES-335s and the Acoustics: Hummingbird, SJ-200, and t
  11. So, this is partly a genuine question, and partly a desperate petition to the folks at Epiphone and Gibson. Does anyone know if there are any plans to open up some of these new Prophecy finishes to other models within that series? E.g., are there plans to make an SG available in Purple Tiger, or an Extura available in Red Tiger, etc? I know that for my part I would sell my soul for a Les Paul in Blue Tiger. I'd also wager a lot of money that there are folks out there who would instantly pull the trigger on their preferred Prophecy model if it came in the finish of a different model.
  12. Hi all, I have an Epiphone EJ-200 with a serial code beginning with GG? Does anyone have any info on what factory this was made in? I have used all the serial code checkers and all have failed to identify it. Full serial: GG06040763 Any help is appreciated!
  13. I know this is covered extensively elsewhere, and I have tried dating using the serial number, but no luck. I have a Korean made Black Les Paul 100, at least I think that is the model. I bought from a mate in Manchester, UK in 1995, and he bought it in Johnny Roadhouse in Manchester in 1994. However, when i try and decode the serial number (E020213), all websites suggest it was built in 2002, which can't be correct! I also havnt seen a model that has both the standard hum bucker and what looks like a PAF pickup? It had sat in the back of a cupboard for years as I usually play
  14. Hi everyone I recently bought an Epiphone Casino, and while I both absolutely love the looks of it (Pau Ferro looked amazing), the acoustic sound and its playability/feel (the edges of the binding were nicely rolled and I love the slimtaper D neck, reminds me of my old spanish guitar), I was having a few issues both with some rattling from the bridge/hardware (including the bridge pickup vibrating) when strumming, the pickup toggle switch being loose, but most importantly the sound of the pickups. I found them to be very hot and muddy, especially the neck pickup, with rumbling noises co
  15. I am new on this forum trying to unearth the roots of my Sheraton VSB . I bought it new at a shop in Hamburg, Germany in 1984. On the headstock it says Epiphone by Gibson and on the back of the headstock there is a sticker with a Gibson-serial that sets the fabrication date to Jan, 20th 1984 in Nashville. On all websites that I visited there was report of Nashville fabricated Sheratons during this decade. So I really wonder where and when it was build. I attach pictures of the headstock. I would be very happy about an answer and apologize if this question was already asked ten thousand
  16. Bought a 2020 Epiphone Flying V but really prefer the look of the black Grovers on the Explorer vs the vintage ones on the V. Anyone able to say whether it's a fairly simple process to switch out or are mods (holes) necessary. Looking at Grovers Mini Rotomatics 406BC which are what is OEM for the Explorer. Any help anyone has is greatly appreciated.
  17. Looking to find out what model and year this guitar is? And what it’s worth. Thanks
  18. I just bought my first electric guitar and it's an Epiphone Les Paul Special VE HS and the tuners are not very accurate and not holding very well. I was thinking about an upgrade. Do you think that should I upgrade my tuners and if yes then what tuners should I get? I'm looking for the best quality to price ratio, nothing to expensive since I've paid only 195 bucks for the guitar. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hey folks, I’m strongly considering the (2015) AJ45 for my next slope shoulder dreadnaught. After doing lots of research, I’m impressed by the all-solid tone woods, the sound, and the positive responses people have had about the AJ45’s playability. I even kind of like the burnt toast sunburst finish. My main acoustic for the past four years has been the amazing Inspired By 1964 Texan. I love everything about it! So with this in mind, I’m wondering: Is the AJ45 a significant improvement over the Texan? Usually I’m all for getting more guitars 😉 But I’m wondering if th
  20. Hello everyone The guitar of my dreams is ES-339 PRO - Cherry But it is out of stock When will it be on sale again? Best regards! - Elisa
  21. Hi, I've recently bought a 96 Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top with a bolt on neck. The reason for this post is that I haven't been able to find another one the same on the net anywhere so wondering if this is rare or if anyone else has the same. I'd love to hear. It was made in the Unsung factory and well I guess the serial no. will tell the rest. received_709241906347324.webp
  22. Hello all, first time posting here. I've been looking every now and then for a Nick Valensi Riviera, huge Strokes fan, and I found this one on Reverb but there's a few things about it that are throwing me off. The chrome parts look quite rough, especially the tailpiece, and to me the tuners don't look to be in the right place on the headstock, 10th pic if you zoom in you can see they're not exactly straight. I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea of the actual build quality of these or maybe it's just my eyes seeing these dodgy bits. I asked for another picture of the serial number and it i
  23. Hi forum friends! I have an Epiphone EJ200 (Jumbo) Acoustic, Blonde with Gibson branding over the truss rod cover on the headstock. It's a 1997 model made at the Samick plant in South Korea. I am looking to buy some of the original bridge pins used in the guitar...or something near identical in appearance and dimension as well as hopefully sound!! Two of the original bridge pins are currently superglued after snapping and all of them are quite worn and gnarled now so I fear they are rapidly giving up the ghost! I have spent a year trying to find pins that match but with no succ
  24. Hi I wonder if anyone has any info to help me. This old guitar belonged to my late father and has huge sentimental value, though I appreciate not so much commercial value. I seem to remember there being a badge on the headstock when I was a kid in the 70’s but as you can see from the pics it is missing. There are two tiny screw holes which held it in place. I was wondering if anyone would know what it looked like (as I can’t remember) or where I might find out. Ideally finding a replacement would be good. Funny thing is the other examples I see online don’t have a bad
  25. Hi I wonder if anyone has any info to help me. This old guitar belonged to my late father and has huge sentimental value, though I appreciate not so much commercial value. I seem to remember there being a badge on the headstock when I was a kid in the 70’s but as you can see from the pics it is missing. There are two tiny screw holes which held it in place. I was wondering if anyone would know what it looked like (as I can’t remember) or where I might find out. Ideally finding a replacement would be good. Funny thing is the other examples I see online don’t have a bad
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