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  1. Hey ! I have a question about epiphone's hard case please. I've heard that the interior of hard case is different each year. Can you please confirm ? If it's true, which color for which year ? Thanks a lot for your answers See yah
  2. Hey ! I have a question about epiphone's hard case please. I've heard that the interior of hard case is different each year. Can you please confirm ? If it's true, which color for which year ? Thanks a lot for your answers See yah
  3. I’ve got an ultra rare Epiphone ES-355 in cherry red. Never gigged and only plugged in twice. Thinking of selling - seen that the more readily available ones (Pelham Blue / Ebony) go for around £800-£900. What price would you recommend on this? Bought it brand new in 2011 and have never seen a single one come up - rare birds indeed!
  4. Not sure if this will be well received or looked down upon but... Last year I bought a Riviera p93 (made in 2009) with a broken neck, for really cheap. The neck is fixed, no problem there - but the dogear pickups didn't sound great to me and most importantly I kept hitting the middle pickup with my pick constantly! I didn't feel I could resell the guitar due to the formerly broken neck, but couldn't really use it as-is either so it sat in the closet all year. Finally I removed the pickups and wiring harness, redid the switching/wiring and custom made a plate from pick-guard material to mount two new filter-tron style pickups to. This plate served the dual purpose of letting me mount different pickup types while also covering up the gaps on the sides from the extra long dogear pickups, and covering the gaping hole left by the now absent middle pickup. The guitar now sounds great, feels great and I can play it! I'm really happy with the way it looks sounds and plays now.
  5. Wrote this in about 15 minutes while watching car racing on TV. Took approx 5 hrs to record,, another 2 hrs for vid,,after 5 takes,, "ONE MORE ROUND" on my 140$ off craigslist Epiphone G-310 SG. Used Fender Mustang amps.
  6. That's it. That's the whole entire post. 2020 is Epiphone's best model year yet. Anyone who seems surprised by this reality hasn't been paying attention to the amazing quality Epiphone has been steadily putting out . Especially over the past five years or so. This year we have all the incredible Les Pauls. Including the revamped Prophecy line. The Masterbilt Texan, along with the Frontier and Excellente models that were reissued. Same as the Coronet and the Wilshire. Now the latest Inspired By Gibson Electrics: ES-335s and Figured ES-335s and the Acoustics: Hummingbird, SJ-200, and the J45. There's never been a better time to play Epiphone. And that's going to be the case for years to come. Because now there's literally no reason to burn thousands of dollars for a Gibson, just to have that brand on the headstock. Epiphone is literally doing it all. With quality that is just as good, if not consistently better. I say all this as a proud Gibson Les Paul Studio (Faded, 2011) owner. I say this as someone who has tried various Gibson acoustics and electrics this year with persistent quality control issues and overall unimpressive feel and looks. I say this as a happy and proud Epi player of four years. Epiphone has finally reclaimed its throne as the original brand that gave Gibson such a run for their money. Maybe they'll even be kind enough to bail out or acquire Gibson this time 😉 I'm sure there's still going to be those guitar snobs who still cling to their Gibson brand. Tearfully, hysterically insisting that Gibson must surely still be better. Even if the new Epiphones play, sound, and even look the exact same as their overpriced counter parts. The best thing about 2020 is that Epiphone has shown that there's no justification for needlessly paying thousands for a quality instrument. It's always been this way if we're being honest with ourselves. It's about time, too. 2020 Epiphone is perfect.
  7. What is the correct size Allen wrench that should be used for the Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro-II Truss Rod Nut? Please don't say 4 mm because 4 mm is too small. Matter of fact, here are the ones I've tried that are "close" to fitting with their results. * 4 mm - the suggested size from what I can find - Slides all the way in, but has about 30 degrees of play. Too much play that I will not risk trying to rotate the truss rod nut since that will strip it out. I can feel the the key slide in to the hex part so I know it is in there. * 4.5 mm - goes in to the center of the nut where it is round (see photo below), but it will NOT go in to where the hex part is. This is too big. * 3 mm - way too small, turns freely when all the way in. * 1/8 Inch (3.175 mm) - way too small * 9/64 inch (3.571875 mm) - way too small too - turns but catches slightly * 5/32 inch (3.96875 mm) - too small too. Catches but still a lot play like the 4 mm * 3/16 inch (4.7625 mm) - way too large * 11/64 inch (4.365625 mm) would be the next size larger than 5/32 but they do not make that size (I've searched for hours). I've also seen this size referred to as 4.4 mm on a few Allen Wrench charts. Some charts "claim" this is a valid Allen wrench size, but I'm guessing it has not been made for decades. The next 1/64th step up from that would be 3/16 which is too large. I've checked the nut to ensure that it was not stripped or rounded, and the edges do look straight and smooth. I've included a photo, which was not that simple to illuminate and it looks kind of grainy due to zoom factor. But I think its clear enough to show the hex edges are clean and not stripped/rounded. Is there a such thing as an odd (non-standard) sized Allen wrench that is actually used to make the adjustments? If so, who sells them and what would be the proper size that they would go by? I've wasted at least a good 6 to 8 plus hours trying to figure this out and at this point I would not be too surprised if this may be an one-off anomaly. Thanks greatly for any and all help that you, or anyone else, can provide, RB
  8. I’ve been looking to buy a Nick Valensi Elitist Epiphone Riviera for a while now to no avail. If anyone has one and is willing to part with it I would be very interested in purchasing it! There was a sunburst model and a maple model I would be interested in purchasing either. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I live in Sweden and have an Epiphone Jazz guitar 12-string from 1914 in mint condition. I can't find any serial number. The guitar was made in Poland, but i want to know the specific Model name. The label says "Gitara Jazz typ III". How many guitars were made in Poland and why ? Where in Poland was the factory? How about the value today?
  10. Hey, got a 1999 Epiphone Explorer… Serial: T99051558 Yet, has a postscript second T… TT99051558 It has the Gibson truss cover…, and I’ve identified the model… Could it be an Elite?!? I took a long time to desire how to mount the head and the neck.. Head: the taper to a 1.3 cm point : like the les Paul (where you can spot a Chibson), but slightly up on the centre. Neck: slight angle …:) Gorrilla Carpentry glue and Alymer’s white glue and Chinese (Gold) Carpentry glue in a combo that includes firehardwning (from that Battlestar Galactica episode..anyone…?!?) I was gonna do the fire and glue and lacquer finish : donno yet - ideas?!? upgraded to Grover tuners..but, The other guitar it came with is a Hungarian Uniwell : had a Floyd Rose stamped tremolo.. well that’s not a official licences run (Kramer?!? was the only early one and went bad). …Plus: it’s the freaking Chinese 20$ Fastback (or whatever - but exactly it with a Floyd Rose stamp…well : I wrote Floyd Rose … I tried to get ahold of the Hungarian company (still there)…next thing I know China has, what … 10 new tremolos and they goto 125$ CAD…well well well .. who owns what and who did what and who showed up to court drunk (besides the judge)! looking like lawyers wanted to place ownership on stuff, and like the John Wayne said ‘fences’… artists apparently ficked with us….(meaning you get ficked - I think Picasso was a catalyst : Genius Steals - **** ..what’s your theft, but our heart!!) Anyhoo: I got some ‘GOLDEN’ black tuners off that Hungarian jobbie - sold the tremolo (oh well : museums eh?!?) - imma use instead…and traded the black knobs for gold from a Dean Stealth V !!! (Dean nailed it … I say! The tines on the ML resonate to make the tone drop lower than the Explorer - even at the set neck (worth it in this time of bolt-on snobbery) - I’m impressed : good job dude! Heard about the V head thing (and the riddle) …they break a lot…just so big and loves to hit and grab **** (go girl I’ll fix you right - isn’t a lower end neck break just to do it right?!?) - my V is a second hand (cp stamped fretboard) broken neck… still need some love, but so far..!!! Loves!!) also… got an acoustic Tempo A 70 1 that I’m convinced is a Japanese luthier that was like you guys are dumb..built a set neck acoustic ..(with a lot of missing technics and technology), that they just looked at and went ‘we’re experts,’ as he grabbed it and ran, hoping not to be pushed in front of a bus..! No country of manufacture (set neck acoustic in 1970 from Japan?!?) my dad found it in the garbage - 40 or so years ago - didn’t touch it until a few months ago!!6 as AC/DC said, ‘Who owns Who!’. love thy artist : they’ll have god reaming your….! also, Got a hummingbird Chinese from the clone wars (don’t get me started..****!!!)… And, a three humbucker V, SG faded, and just sold a post manufacture les Paul three humbucker (good work). That’s just the ‘good’ ones (Spear…got the semi-hollow les Paul!!). (Blessed on some aspects - hated worse than you can imagine : oh, right .. FU too:). !..!, ..!., (<~ mine too 2003)!) my street was awash in tone (live downtown) you could fart and it would sound like it shoul be released..but I Peavey hard (down the stairs and more: 1969 reverb: well I got the Earth amp one too ( can’t be later than 1972 or 3) all you need to know about dead people!!!) ‘…what about tone..?!?’ Peavey…military grade boards early!!! By god : they were the champ!!! well I guess it’s obvious I got COVID isolation crazy going in, yet. I got enough fix ‘ems for the winter anyway!!! IMG_6030.MOV Finally… Well : see you soon … imma crawl into your…!:) Seriously!!! NB: you wanna be a bully around me about as much as you wanna eat your favourite axe:)
  11. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here: I bought a brand new Epiphone from Guitar Centers end last year, and Its been great! Love it! However I noticed some buzzing on the frets last month and decided to take it back to GC for a tune up. When I picked up the guitar the Tech said the truss rod needed adjusting but the drive hex had a manufacturing defect and he was only just about able to adjust it. Any further adjustment would not be possible. So I emailed the contact at Epiphone as recommended by GC, and sent photos to a "Terry Green" there who's response was: "the photos of the truss rod nut you sent us were viewed by the Epiphone Returns Cooridinator, who by the way has examined tens of thousands of these instruments, and it was determined there was no evidence of a manufacturer defect. There is a sufficient amount of hexigonal insertion wall to adequately turn the truss rod with the PROPER sized Allen wrench." (typo's from the original email. I felt condescended by the tone of this) Not sure how I proceed with this. I couldn't persuade the Epiphone guy to contact GC or vice versa. Just to say I have never attempted to adjust the guitar - way out of my sphere of knowledge, and I've always kept it under safe conditions (humidity and heat) so I don't even know why it needed adjusting in the first place. Thanks for any ideas Tony B Berkley MI
  12. Hi everyone I recently bought an Epiphone Casino, and while I both absolutely love the looks of it (Pau Ferro looked amazing), the acoustic sound and its playability/feel (the edges of the binding were nicely rolled and I love the slimtaper D neck, reminds me of my old spanish guitar), I was having a few issues both with some rattling from the bridge/hardware (including the bridge pickup vibrating) when strumming, the pickup toggle switch being loose, but most importantly the sound of the pickups. I found them to be very hot and muddy, especially the neck pickup, with rumbling noises coming out of the amp when playing the bass strings. I tried to adjust the EQ on the amp, but it didn't help significantly. I have a cheap 20w Harley Benton amp, but my fender Strat sounds clean with every setting. I have heard complaints about the pickups in the casinos being overwound, but didn't expect them to be this muddy. It's a shame because I really bonded with the guitar, but I think I might have to return it and get an Epiphone ES-335 that came out a few months ago. I know they are 2 completely different guitars, but I've heard the humbuckers are lower output compared to the casino p90s. Would you also have returned the casino if you didn't bond with the pickups even though the playability was perfect? And has anyone had any experience with the new ES-335's? Thank you for taking the time!
  13. A while ago, I mentioned on these forums that I was looking into getting an Epiphone AJ45. After the resounding support, my interest was definitely piqued. Now I’m in awe of my new AJ45! I think my beloved Texan is going to be sitting in its case for a while as the AJ45 has become my go-to acoustic. It’s simply an incredible guitar! I record with it, I do (virtual) gigs with it, and I somehow feel like an elevated singer-songwriter with it... There’s so many reasons why the AJ45 is amazing! All Solid Wood I was considering this guitar, a Sigma JM-SG45 and a Guild DS 240 Memoir. Sure, the Sigma and Guild certainly looked almost identical to the Gibson J45. And they sounded really nice. But the Sigma and the Guild didn’t have all solid woods–despite being comparable in price to the Epiphone. That‘s the crucial advantage for the Epiphone. And it was the deciding factor for me. I wanted an all-solid wood slope shouldered dreadnaught that I could actually afford. The AJ45 is just unbeatable value. I’m impressed with everything about the construction. It's flawless. The attention to detail is impeccable. Playability I’ve been playing Epiphone acoustics (and electrics) for long enough that I’m used to the comfort of their neck profile. As a result the AJ45 immediately feels familiar to me. At the same time, due to the shorter scale length it’s distinct enough than my Texan in a refreshing way; for example strumming and picking are more accessible. The Aj45 is all around more comfortable. The fact that this guitar came Plek’d has also made quite a difference. I was surprised in terms of how smooth and easy it is to play as a result. There’s no fret buzz whatsoever. The action, which was already great, feels even better now that it's been set up. The AJ45 is perfect for my singer-songwriter type music, including acoustic blues, country, and even pop. I strum pretty hard. I use a capo a lot. I do fingerpicking sometimes. I play arpeggios all over the neck and I’m a light flat picker. I absolutely keep coming back to playing this guitar because of how good it feels and sounds. The Sound This is what I’ve always wanted an acoustic guitar to sound like. And honestly, the AJ45 is the exact sound I imagine in my head when I think of what an acoustic guitar “should” sound like. Deep resonating bass; perfectly balanced mids and highs. As a result the entire warm tone is lively, responsive, and projects wonderfully. It’s especially full and rich when strummed. Massive tone. Not to mention that the sustain seems to go on forever. Like I did with my Texan, I’ve changed the AJ45’s Shadow Nanoflex pickup to an L.R. Baggs Anthem. No question. A guitar that sounds as superb as this deserves a magnificent pick up system. Aesthetic Appeal The AJ45 is a beautiful guitar. I personally love the satin finish; it almost seems like it's a semi-gloss from some angles. There’s something immensely pleasing when the sunlight hits it just right. Kind of like it melts into a whiskey sunset. All warm, worn-in already, and yet this guitar has an understated elegance with just enough eye catching colour to stand out. I really like the original 1930s Epiphone headstock as well because I feel it complements the guitar’s character. Interestingly, my AJ45 came without a pickguard. I'm going to be adding one in the future for sure. I’ve noticed that most AJ45 owners obviously stylize theirs after the Gibson J45. However, I thought that the AJ45 looks far more like the Gibson Southern Jumbo. So that’s the guitar I modelled the aesthetic of my AJ45 after and I think it looks even more fantastic this way! Many, many thanks to all the amazing people at Long & McQuade for always taking such good care of all my guitars. This one is no exception and it brings me so much joy when I play it. Without a doubt this is the best purchase I’ve made for an acoustic guitar. I couldn’t be happier and I’m enjoying every moment I spend playing my AJ45. Thanks folks!
  14. Hi I wonder if anyone has any info to help me. This old guitar belonged to my late father and has huge sentimental value, though I appreciate not so much commercial value. I seem to remember there being a badge on the headstock when I was a kid in the 70’s but as you can see from the pics it is missing. There are two tiny screw holes which held it in place. I was wondering if anyone would know what it looked like (as I can’t remember) or where I might find out. Ideally finding a replacement would be good. Funny thing is the other examples I see online don’t have a badge, but a printed decal instead. Thanks in advance Steve
  15. Does anyone know where were the Beatle's Epiphone Casinos made?
  16. Sooo... I know this is a shot in the dark, but I’ve been looking for an epiphone masterbilt ef-500 ravs for quite a while now. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell? I’m also interested in aj-500 with vintage sunburst. But would prefer an ef. Thanks in advance!
  17. I am tremendously lucky to have this incredible 2004 Les Paul Custom from the LQ series, made by the legendary company Fujigen in Japan! This exquisite guitar was shipped to me from Osaka by a very kind seller who offered it back in January; I just happened to come across it at the right time. Enjoy some photos: https://ibb.co/x7FT8wH https://ibb.co/JB6T77Z https://ibb.co/Ks7JqdJ https://ibb.co/HV9QM2W https://ibb.co/k5B10gp https://ibb.co/9hLD9bc From what I’ve researched, the LQ series is a limited edition run from 2004-2007. What makes it distinct from the rest of the Made In Japan Epiphone Les Paul Customs is that it was specifically made by Fujigen. Play guitar for long enough, and you’ll inevitably come across Fujigen (FGN). The reason these Made In Japan guitars are so revered is because of the Fujigen standard of quality. It is truly mythical. Any guitars from the Fujigen factory are flawlessly crafted with impeccable attention to detail. As you can see, my LQ has some obvious wear over the course of 16 years. I’ve replaced the truss rod cover and the tone knobs. I may replace the gold hardware in the future, only because the original parts are tarnished. The binding has aged really well though. Overall, the condition is amazing–as is the immaculate quality. All the scratches and dents are from the previous player, not a reflection of the highest care that went into the craftsmanship. From the binding and the fret work to the seamless fit and finish; I just cannot praise it enough! I've replaced the tone pots and the truss rod cover, as well as adding the unique gold treble/rhythm switch washer. The guitar just feels and plays amazing. Also the specs are crazy: One piece mahogany neck. Real Mother of Pearl inlays and appointments. Maple cap (yes, I checked). No weight relief, but the guitar is surprisingly light; it has just the right heft in my opinion. A nice, thin laquer finish. Bone nut. Amazing PAF pickups and wiring. One personal point of comparison would be my 2017 Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX. It’s a fantastic guitar! Yet it’s hard to really stand against this LQ Epiphone Custom because they’re specced so wildly differently, for distinct playing purposes. I will freely admit that my LQ deeply shakes my Prophecy’s excellence and that my LQ certainly makes my Gibson Les Paul Studio seem like a toy. But that’s really neither here nor there; the guitars are amazing. The point is that I’ve never played a better Les Paul. This is my holy grail guitar. I can now safely say that all the respect and admiration for Fujigen is absolutely true. Their quality is out of this world. Clearly, they build from a philosophy of passion, joy, pride, and player consciousness that I can literally feel when I play. I honestly can’t believe it’s real, that I get to hold it in my hands. I’m very honoured and proud to have this masterfully built Les Paul Custom!
  18. I'm hoping for some input on a guitar I'm looking at. The guitar is a Epiphone DR500MCE Masterbilt and is in seemingly great condition other than this crack in the neck area by the nut. The seller says that the crack is on both sides of the neck but only gives me one picture which I'll post here. They live about 2 hours away from me so I don't really want to drive out there if it's not worth it. My question is how much would you pay for the guitar? Would it be worth picking up or should I pass on it? Any help is greatly appreciated. The headstock doesn't seem to have any scuffs on it that might have caused the crack I'll upload a picture of that as well. They are asking $300 obo.
  19. So I removed the “made in china” and the “quality control” stickers of my epiphone. I want to return the guitar to the store where I bought it. The guitar is in new condition still. I hope its not really a problem. I mean they are just stickers after all. But maybe they are important. I don’t know I hope I didn’t f**k this up.
  20. Buonasera volevo chiedere un'informazione a voi gibsoniani ed epiphoniani: Ho le mani particolarmente piccole e ma sono appassionato del sound Gibson/Epiphone Les paul: vagando un po' in giro mi ero orientato o sulla Epiphone lp Muse o sulla Epiphone lp modern ma non riesco a capire con quale di queste avrei un manico più sottile alla fine dei conti. Ho avuto una Epiphone lp custom per anni che alla fine ho venduto per una chitarra con un manico più sottile, ma la passione per quel look e quel sound non é passata. Aiutatemi vi prego
  21. Hi Friends! I cracked open my new Epi Coronet to take a look under the hood, and I was quite impressed overall. I noticed that the 2-conductor pup connection is a quick-connect type connection. I think it'd be kinda fun to find some of the male connectors and crimp them on to some other pups I have, but I haven't had luck finding the specific connector. I know the simple solution is just to cut them off and solder, but yeah, just want to explore this idea more. I've searched extensively and have found many similar connectors, but would like to find an exact match because I am a weirdo 🤓 Do any of you (or anyone at Epiphone) know the specific brand and type of connector used? Thanks!!!
  22. So, this is partly a genuine question, and partly a desperate petition to the folks at Epiphone and Gibson. Does anyone know if there are any plans to open up some of these new Prophecy finishes to other models within that series? E.g., are there plans to make an SG available in Purple Tiger, or an Extura available in Red Tiger, etc? I know that for my part I would sell my soul for a Les Paul in Blue Tiger. I'd also wager a lot of money that there are folks out there who would instantly pull the trigger on their preferred Prophecy model if it came in the finish of a different model. So if anyone at Gibson or Epiphone happens to peruse these forums, please take this into consideration!
  23. Hi all, I have an Epiphone EJ-200 with a serial code beginning with GG? Does anyone have any info on what factory this was made in? I have used all the serial code checkers and all have failed to identify it. Full serial: GG06040763 Any help is appreciated!
  24. I know this is covered extensively elsewhere, and I have tried dating using the serial number, but no luck. I have a Korean made Black Les Paul 100, at least I think that is the model. I bought from a mate in Manchester, UK in 1995, and he bought it in Johnny Roadhouse in Manchester in 1994. However, when i try and decode the serial number (E020213), all websites suggest it was built in 2002, which can't be correct! I also havnt seen a model that has both the standard hum bucker and what looks like a PAF pickup? It had sat in the back of a cupboard for years as I usually play Strat style guitars, but recently got the soldering iron out and got it working, and despite its cheap beginnings (I paid 40quid for it), its fun to play, and loud!! Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  25. I am new on this forum trying to unearth the roots of my Sheraton VSB . I bought it new at a shop in Hamburg, Germany in 1984. On the headstock it says Epiphone by Gibson and on the back of the headstock there is a sticker with a Gibson-serial that sets the fabrication date to Jan, 20th 1984 in Nashville. On all websites that I visited there was report of Nashville fabricated Sheratons during this decade. So I really wonder where and when it was build. I attach pictures of the headstock. I would be very happy about an answer and apologize if this question was already asked ten thousand times. As I said, it is my first contact with this forum. Have fun
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