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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm restoring a black 1977 Gibson Explorer but struggling to find a replacement pickguard. As I don't have the original one to use as template, is there anyone out there that has a template for the original 76/77 pickguard or know where I can get a direct replacement. The current '76 reissue pickguard doesn't fit and the screw holes are in a different place. Cheers Andy
  2. Greetings, So I purchased this modified 1983 Explorer a few years ago with the sellers claims it was a Custom Shop and also Korina. I liked the guitar and it played REALLY well so I bought it. But being modified with EMG's and diamond plate, I was skeptical about the Custom Shop Korina part. It does have the CS logo on back of headstock, but you know ebay.... I was curious the other day and opened up the top removing the full diamond plate pickgaurd and discovered a previous tremelo routing. (I assumed this since the headstock has locking nut screw holes). But to my surprise, the wood in the tremelo cavity appeared to be Korina! Now I know it's been modified with the trem, and a dozen small screws for the diamond plate pickgaurd, but this is really cool! I did a little research and verified my 80483566 ser# is just a few digits off of a known 1983 Korina Custom Shop Explorer. Great News! The setup and level of work done to this vintage Unicorn makes me a little suspect if this could be a "Hetfield" guitar or other known shredder? The frets are perfect jumbos, the action is tight, planet waves locking tuners, Tonepros bridge and saddle, and a real Pro setup. I know there are alot of fans making clone guitars, but nobody hacks up a guitar this rare. 100 total I think I read? My question? Should I try to restore it to original glory? or seek the Heavy Metal story behind this Unicorn? Thanks and Cheers!
  3. I'm about to receive a 1982 Explorer II CMT, on which the pickguard has been replaced. Will pickguards from any other Explorer model fit my guitar (e.g. these custom WD ones for 2010-2018 Explorers, that are available in the original 5-ply BWBWB-color scheme), or will I have to custom order – possibly by trace?
  4. I have a black Gibson Explorer and I’m looking to find out more information about this particular guitar. I know it was purchased new in 1983 - 1986 time frame. Unfortunately I can’t pin it down closer than that. This one has a few differences I am not familiar with. First, the fretboard seems to be rosewood? I thought USA Explorers had ebony fretboards. Also, the serial number appears inked on rather than stamped into the wood. The serial number is also a different format from what I’ve seen before. I haven’t seen any others like this. Also, it appears “MADE IN USA” is stamped into the wood, but it is very difficult to see, especially in photos. Were there different models of the USA Explorer back then? Any help that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello. This is my first post. I recently installed new tuners on my explorer and hater them, so I put the old grovers on. The only problem is that I had to drill holes, and so I plugged up the holes with toothpicks. They are barely visible because I put touch up furniture paste on them. But they are re still noticeable to me. This is my favorite guitar and I can’t forgive myself. Any recommendations on what to do? Is it possible to get the back of the headstock refinished?
  6. Hi there, i just bought my first ever Gibson guitar and this is what i'm greeted by, is this normal or should i return it? I don't really care if there's dings or anything but i just want to know that it's structurally sound and that the headstock isn't gonna snap off.
  7. Hi everyone, i'm about to exchange my Les Paul Studio 1999 (way too heavy for me) with a 2009 Explorer. The owner of the Explo sent me pictures of the guitar and i noticed this defect on the back side of the keyboard. He told me that you can't feel it by touching, that is not a bump (he informed me about all the others bumps and scratches) and that he never noticed it before taking flash photos for me. It looks like something that involves finish more than a bump (he said that you cant notice it by touching it). Is it wise to exchange my Les Paul for that guitar (if it sounds nice)? Thanks everyone Best regards
  8. I’ve got an old Gibson Explorer that was heavily refinished at one point in it’s life. I bought it used from a local guitar shop 15 years ago, and the dude told me it was a 1981. Anyway I’m pretty sure the pickups have been switched out to these cream colored humbuckers. Recently the neck pickup has gotten SUPER dark and just doesn’t have that nice tone it used to. I had my guitar tech buddy tear it all apart and check it out. He can’t figure it what’s wrong with the pup but did replace all the pots as they were old and failing and one had a brass stem, and the other 2 aluminum- clearly not original. The tone pot actually had a resistor from a vintage fender amp attached vs the normal one for this guitar. Anyway, got those all replaced and am now looking for a set of pups to make this thing sing. Any recommendations? I really want to outfit this rig with some pups For that Rich Robinson/Marc Ford tone, but also Billy Gibbons, Allen Collins, Duane Allman tone’s too.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new here, just a quick question. I recently bought my first Epiphone, as you can read from the title, it's a Lee Malia Explorer. It has a dummy coil on the backside of the neck P-90. The idea is it should cancel some (or all) of the hum from the neck pickup. However, when I opened the plastic cover of that dummy coil, I saw a wire wrapped around it. It has a naked end to it (no plastic insulation around the end of that wire), like it's intended to be soldered somewhere, but it isn't. So the question is - is that wire supposed to be soldered somewhere or not? Because it doesn't cancel all of the hum from the neck p-90. Thanks.
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