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Found 5 results

  1. Got a 63 firebird, the truss rod cover “gibson” decal has worn away, it looks like it’s non original as it’s 1.5mm thick (.059inch) and looks to have been carved from a more modern plastic material + the decal has flaked off. does anyone know what the original material and thickness a firebird truss rod cover would have been made of and how the gold gibson decal was applied? thanks
  2. So here is the story of my long journey into this firebird. Earlier this year a youtube channel did a give away for a 1990 Firebird V custom shop. Of course I didn't win but I have been obsessed with finding another one of these exact models for sale because I have to have one. I accidentally ran into the guy who won it on reddit and he said he had contacted Gibson and they said it was a one off guitar and that they couldn't tell him what the color was called because apparently it either hadn't been named or they couldn't find any record of it. But as you see from the pictures I provided I ha
  3. I have a Gibson Firebird 2015, and although it for some reason allegedly suffers from poor resale value (I'll sell every one of my internal organs that aren't absolutely critical for my survival) I passionately love everything about it - everything except one thing, which is driving me mad(der). There's a reason why the 2015 model is the only one with the output jack on the side. I've never come across any jack as crappy as the one on my Firebird - the jack on my amazingly fabulous Hannah Montana Pocket Amp is far superior to the one on the Firebird, even with my own shoddy soldering I haven'
  4. Anyone ever seen wear like I'm experiencing on my 2019 Gibson Firebird? It appears like the finish is bleeding or transferring from the guitar body onto the pickguard. It was perplexing at first as I've only had the guitar for little over a year. That said, I play it a ton, and finish transfer (if that's even the right word for it) seems to mirror where my fingers brush against the center section of the Firebird's body while playing . I'm not sure if this bothers me or not yet, but I'm just curious if anyone has experienced anything like this on a Gibson (or other guitar)
  5. I want to buy a used Firebird Zero. But I noticed it has a numbered sticker with the letters DAR at the end (0247833 DAR). Any particular meaning? The owner says he bought it brand new and it has one imperfection ad the bass upper bout. Maybe related to the sticker? I could not upload a pic due to size restrictions. But here is a link https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ja1uFaSJVLk1f2oi6
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