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Found 8 results

  1. IMG_6038.MOV The storybook head made everyone crazy: imma trying to study up to make from scratch…’septs when the ebony fretboard is ‘needed’. I got a couplla good pieces of info in my posts … history : artists are dicks!!! Bravo! ☠️🦋❣️🦋☠️ 🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵 ☠️🦋❣️🦋☠️ my older music is available on my website : http://stephentolley.com videos and such … well : mostly Instagram. : SexyPopPopCulture
  2. I know there was the ebony and the white , but…?!? the pawn guy thought perhaps special order : the guy I got it from had like 80 guitars - all labeled in cases … Around Kingston, Ontario, Canada:) otherwise seems legit - he was getting hot about it actually - a famous theft of some sort or such?!?
  3. Bought a 2020 Epiphone Flying V but really prefer the look of the black Grovers on the Explorer vs the vintage ones on the V. Anyone able to say whether it's a fairly simple process to switch out or are mods (holes) necessary. Looking at Grovers Mini Rotomatics 406BC which are what is OEM for the Explorer. Any help anyone has is greatly appreciated.
  4. Need some advice, as I'd like to have my 2009 Flying tuned down to B. Has anyone tried this yet? Feasible? I guess I'll have to go for a heavier string gauge & a proper setup by a pro. Just lemme know how feel about this.
  5. Hi All. Can anyone possibly help. I have a Flying V melody maker. 2011. Black with gold tuners, pick up cover and tail piece. It’s meant to be a limited edition version. I cannot find any ref to this model. Is what I have been told incorrect and sold to me with incorrect info or is there actually such a guitar. I have emailed Gibson but not reply email as yet was only a couple of days ago though. Thanks all
  6. I found an ad for cheap Flying V guitar that the owner claims to be an Epiphone, but the truss rod cover is missing and the neck is bolt-on. What is this model and is it even a real Epiphone? What price would you recommend?
  7. Hi, I've got a 2005 Cherry Flying V, typical '67 reissue version in gloss Heritage Cherry with white PG. I pulled the pickups and installed 2 original Tim Shaw Dirty Fingers. The pickups that came out of it are not covered and just have the Gibson USA logo stamped on the bottom. one side has flat screw poles. Does anyone know what pickups these are? I believe they are stock from that guitar.
  8. Hi! I traded my ibanez for a flying V a few years ago and I'm a little curious to what it is. I says made in USA and has a the following serial: 03121510. I would post a pic, but its to large to upload =( Cheers!
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