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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Gibson! We would like to ask if you guys could add the CHERRY RED Finish to the Gibson Original Collection Flying V. The Original Collection FireBird has the CHERRY RED Finish and so should the Original Collection Flying V. We Don’t want to spend over $5,000 on the custom shop 1967 Flying V just for the Red finish on it. So it would be great if you guys could add the CHERRY RED finish to the original collection version Right next to it’s ANTIQUE NATURAL Finish. Lots of us would appreciate that! Thank you Gibson.
  2. Hello, I know there are manu open forum about those "regular" gibson years but here is my history. I bought a new Gibson Flying V High Performance 2016 via Thomann, in 2017. It appears to have some bad finishing details. I prefer not to return it, because it was just out of stock (like I said, its a 2016 guitar bought in 2017) and because at the time I thought it was not a big problem. This was my first "good" guitar (above 1K$) and it sound good so I was kind of shocked by that but at the same time I did not want to get it off my side. Some years passed and I really can not believe how a guitar that has passed by professional hands could have this kind of damage. The wood on the frets is whitened un some spots. Its beautiful but its kind of damage in some spots, like I said. The guitar has a lot of scratch in the neck, many of them in the left side of the neck if you look the guitar frontally. The fretboard binding is a complete mess, it looks unfinished and a very poor attention to detail. At the same time, the neck on the HP model is smoother, there is no "jump" beetween neck and body, and a light crack has appeared in this spot. I thought that there must be there a line where the union is, but this fine line is irregular and loks cheap. Is this real? Im looking for some advices, how can I solve this? I know its my fault for not returning it back, and I know probably theres no solution but I need to say it.
  3. Hi All. Can anyone possibly help. I have a Flying V melody maker. 2011. Black with gold tuners, pick up cover and tail piece. It’s meant to be a limited edition version. I cannot find any ref to this model. Is what I have been told incorrect and sold to me with incorrect info or is there actually such a guitar. I have emailed Gibson but not reply email as yet was only a couple of days ago though. Thanks all
  4. Hey guys, first post here, hope everyone is having a good day. I've had a Les Paul copy for the last 10 years which was a birthday present that had never been used until recently. I've been learning guitar for the last couple months and I'm so happy i decided to start learning, but months and months before I've been looking at guitars i might want to buy for myself which would probably be a Gibson Flying V. i like the look of the natural look, but i would like to have one with a color on it. I know that i could get the B-2 or even the custom shop, but I'm not entirely sure. is there a way i can design my own? best to go to local dealers? I'm just not sure, if whats on the website is the limit of what i can buy for the 2019 range. would appreciate extra info, and any questions id be happy to answer. thanks Adam
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