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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon a second hand SG Standard for a bargain price but the owner isn't giving much info and a few things look a bit different from other standards so I was wondering if anyone knows the year it could be build or if something is not right about this guitar. First thing I notice is that there's inlay on the first fret. Second thing there seem to be less screws in the Pickguard then there should be.
  2. hello all gibson users ! i want to review my gibson sg 2011, i want you guys give an opinion about my sg guitars, i bought second 2 year ago, and i want to know about this guitar, how should i do for upgrade ? i hope you respond my thread, thank you
  3. I have a question about the VOS finish. I bought this guitar about a month, or so ago. First VOS Gibson. It's a 60th Anniversary SG Custom. I may or may not have, accidentally, fudged the VOS finish to a gloss on the neck. It's super smooth now. šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļø Is there any way to restore that sticky VOS finish on the neck? Lol. I wipe down my Gibson guitars, pretty well, after every practice, and there wasn't an Owner's Manual with mine, or anything to indicate like... DO NOT VIGOROUSLY WIPE DOWN A VOS FINISH TO CLEAN IT. Roflmao.
  4. I've got to say, I'm having trouble getting past the inconsistencies on the fretboard of this guitar. It is a 2019 Gibson SG. I've had it for three months and due to my inexperienced eye, failed to notice this when I first bought it. I've also been grappling with tuning stability issues since I've got it and so far, a good setup and playing the guitar in does not seem to have done the trick. I'm starting to worry that I have ended up with a lemon. What is going on here?
  5. Hi there, everyone. I bought this new 60th Anniversary '61 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom from Guitar Center. The seal was broken, and about four weeks ago(when I got the guitar), I called Gibson to see if I could get the following items that I'm missing. They said they'd call me back. Never did. After three weeks, I called a second time. I said, again, I'm missing the vintage tone circuit card, the white owner's manual, and another paper that just says the model, and serial; not the checklist.(Shown in the pictures below from another.) They told me to email them a picture, and that they'd call me back after they looked at the email. Again, I received no call back, or an email. Am I just out of luck on getting these three items? I paid cash for the guitar. I really love this guitar. My guitar was used as the stock photos on Guitar Center's website. Thanks~. :]
  6. Trying to wade through the info on serial #s. My SG only has 6 numbers. Serial # 600789. 1967?
  7. Hey. I am currently bidding on some gibson guitars. And i wonder if they are truly the real deal. Can anyone verify me these instruments? I can only upload these pictures on another site. https://imgur.com/a/hbQd5wJ here is the link. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance:)
  8. hello all gibson users ! i want to review my gibson sg 2011, i want you guys give an opinion about my sg guitars, i bought second 2 year ago, and i want to know about this guitar, how should i do for upgrade ? i hope you respond my thread, thank you
  9. Hi all, I'd really love if Gibson will re-introduce the Alpine White colour for the 2020 line. It's fine to introduce new colours but I believe that the traditional ones should be always available... Look at the beauty below... I also wonder if might be possible to get a specific colour passing through Custom Shop but I'm not aware of how it works... I also liked a lot the Supreme versions a lot but again no white option... The split diamond in the headstock is really so cool. Currently is only available in Gibson Custom (but only the black version is available...) Now... think about a SG Supreme like the one above in Alpine White... with white bindings... OMG... That would be amazing!!! How many of you would be up for it? I'd be order that model tomorrow if would be around šŸ˜‰ I really hope that Gibson will add more colours and options because I really love the flexibility and playability of the SG model. Well...fingers crossed for 2020... and let's hope that James ā€˜JCā€™ Curleigh will read this šŸ˜œ
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