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  1. My father passed a few years ago and started playing this guitar when he was in his early teens. He was born in 1945. I do not see a "stamp" on the back of the headstock. He left his Gibson to me. I'm trying to figure out what year and what version it was from? I've attached photos. I'm a singer and also just started learning how to play this guitar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I’m just looking for some friendly advice. I’m pretty sure I’ve been ripped off on eBay lately. In my haste to replace my Les Paul machine heads I bought the ones in the images below. However they didn’t fit and the seller will not accept returns. Now they are mine to sell but I think I paid way too much (£129) . For your information, the writing says “made in Germany” on the underside. Which I assume means Schaller, but wanted to know can anyone tell me a) if there’s anything special about these which justifies the price. and b) what could I charge for these as a fair price when I send them to their new home. many thanks. George.
  3. So I recently inherited a cf 100e and I'm trying to get a picture of the date on this model. The stamp on the inside is 9612 23 and my grandfather said he was in a small local band a long time ago. I've checked a lot of sites and they've given me a head ache. How do I crack the code?
  4. New guitar tab: The First Cut Is the Deepest One of his first attempts at R&B as an “Otis Reddis sort of thing,” penned by Cat Stevens at the tender age of just 17 years old, turned out to be a milestone composition so popular that it would become a hit single time and again not only for the composer himself but many different artists, most notably Rod Stewart (1977). The original 1967 studio recording had (Big) Jim Sullivan on lead guitar, John Paul Jones on bass, Dougie Smith on drums and quite possibly Mike Hurst, then Cat’s producer at Decca Studios, on rhythm guitar. In 2014 Yusuf / Cat Stevens would perform a more intimate sittee version for solo acoustic guitar, a Gibson J-200, and vocals at the NPR Music Tiny Desk concert, which we chose to transcribe here.
  5. Hi, somebody offered me this guitar is this authentic what do you think? Also what would be the fair price for it in Europe? The search using the hardly visible serial says 2007 which is ok. The fret ends are surprisingly sharp which happens with Gibson qc AFAIK. Thank you guys.
  6. That's it. That's the whole entire post. 2020 is Epiphone's best model year yet. Anyone who seems surprised by this reality hasn't been paying attention to the amazing quality Epiphone has been steadily putting out . Especially over the past five years or so. This year we have all the incredible Les Pauls. Including the revamped Prophecy line. The Masterbilt Texan, along with the Frontier and Excellente models that were reissued. Same as the Coronet and the Wilshire. Now the latest Inspired By Gibson Electrics: ES-335s and Figured ES-335s and the Acoustics: Hummingbird, SJ-200, and the J45. There's never been a better time to play Epiphone. And that's going to be the case for years to come. Because now there's literally no reason to burn thousands of dollars for a Gibson, just to have that brand on the headstock. Epiphone is literally doing it all. With quality that is just as good, if not consistently better. I say all this as a proud Gibson Les Paul Studio (Faded, 2011) owner. I say this as someone who has tried various Gibson acoustics and electrics this year with persistent quality control issues and overall unimpressive feel and looks. I say this as a happy and proud Epi player of four years. Epiphone has finally reclaimed its throne as the original brand that gave Gibson such a run for their money. Maybe they'll even be kind enough to bail out or acquire Gibson this time 😉 I'm sure there's still going to be those guitar snobs who still cling to their Gibson brand. Tearfully, hysterically insisting that Gibson must surely still be better. Even if the new Epiphones play, sound, and even look the exact same as their overpriced counter parts. The best thing about 2020 is that Epiphone has shown that there's no justification for needlessly paying thousands for a quality instrument. It's always been this way if we're being honest with ourselves. It's about time, too. 2020 Epiphone is perfect.
  7. I recently started playing again and was planning to clean up/restore my old Gibson Les Paul. I never really knew much about it, so I did a little research. Turns out it’s a 1980 KM model - apparently somewhat rare. It’s in playable shape, with some minor damage consisting of a crack by the toggle and the input jack jammed in after a strap broke. Also, the previous owner swapped out the original bridge. Other than that, it’s really just dirty. My question is, how should I progress? Just visit a local luthier? Never having done that, is it straightforward, or do you get multiple opinions?
  8. Hello, I have an Es-335 that I have had for about 8 or so years now. I want to sell it but I can't for the life of me figure out exactly which model it is. The price differences are huge depending on the model and I don't want to undersell it and screw myself. But I don't want to significantly oversell it either. Can anyone tell me exactly which one this is? And perhaps a ballpark of worth? The lighting is a bit weird in these photos, it's not as bad as it may look. There are a few minor dings and such but nothing crazy no real damage, It has sat in storage most of it's life. I lost the case in a bad flood so all that's left is the guitar itself. I might consider buying a new case for it if it's worth it but I just can't seem to get any information on this thing at all anywhere I look. I've called local guitar stores and everything and no one seems to care enough to even help out with it. I purchased it at a guitar center brand new so I know it's real and it was very expensive. Thanks in advance for any help I can get. Really seem to have nowhere else to turn on this thing.
  9. Hello everybody! I'm new here so that's why i'm asking you guys for help. So today i got myself my first ever Gibson semi-hollow body ES-137. It was a trade, i gave away my American Original 50s Stratocaster and also paid a couple more hundreds for Gibson. Haven't tested guitar much yet but i love how she looks.So I know that here on the forum you guys are more smarter and have very big knowledge about Gibson guitars, but i don't. So all i'm asking is for you guys to take a look and tell me what you think...Questions are:1) What year was it made? (previous owner said 2006)2) What is that color? (Light Burst, Honey Burst, Lemon Burst)3) Is that normal that there is gap under fretboard where neck meets body? (This is my first ES-137)Thank you very much, I appreciate your help!Sorry if my questions are stupid and seems funny to you, i'm just not that expierenced in Gibson Semi-Hollow body guitars.Have a great day and thanks again Sorry that pictures are aligned wrong
  10. I though this might be interesting to folks who love vintage acoustic Gibson guitars. Country artist Clayton Smalley has a new release out called “His Guitar.” It's the true story of his grandmother giving him her father's 1935 Gibson guitar. Jerrels "Gabe" Clayton bought the guitar at a pawn shop in their hometown in Southern California and played it at a venue called The Rendezvous during the 50's. She gave the guitar to Clayton in 2019 after the release of his debut EP, Whiskey Sunrise. It still had the same strings on it from when his great grandfather played it last. Clayton, who is 43, is getting a late start with music, but in a short two and half years has already charted two songs on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart and generated over 1.5 million streams across streaming platforms. One can only imagine how proud Gabe would be to know Clayton is pursuing his passion for country music. The single artwork is a side by side image of Clayton and his great grandfather holding the guitar. Here is a link if you'd like to check out the song. https://hypeddit.com/claytonsmalley/hisguitar
  11. Just purchased this guitar today, arriving next week! Does anyone else know much about this model? If so please share your thoughts and experiences. Thanks! And yes, I'm the guy who just recently bought a 2013 Gibson Midtown Kalamazoo. Life's good!
  12. Hello everyone I need urgent help to make sure this humming bird is legit! All options is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. We just found my dad’s 1970 something Gibson SJ deluxe in the closet. My dad has asked me to sell it, but I don’t even know where to begin. Any tips or tricks on how to sell? and I’ve seen prices between 2000 and 2700, so I have no idea how much to sell it for.
  14. How can we submit to the Gibson Spotify playlist
  15. Good morning, I bought a white 2014 120 anniversary standard SG. the guitar should have come out with the e-tune system but this one does not have one and has Kluson DeLuxe tuners. This model has USED stamped above the serial number ..... it is a pre production DEMO model .... can you tell me more about my guitar.???..thank you
  16. Hello. I purchased an L6 (or similar) that has a SN that is “1 of 1”. Has anyone see a Gibson USA that has 1 of 1 instead of a serial number? I’m really curious about what I bought. The guitar is really well built and plays extremely well. It has Fralin P-90s and some other unique features for an L6. images: https://www.instagram.com/p/CS499fzBnBH/?utm_medium=copy_link
  17. I have a black Gibson Explorer and I’m looking to find out more information about this particular guitar. I know it was purchased new in 1983 - 1986 time frame. Unfortunately I can’t pin it down closer than that. This one has a few differences I am not familiar with. First, the fretboard seems to be rosewood? I thought USA Explorers had ebony fretboards. Also, the serial number appears inked on rather than stamped into the wood. The serial number is also a different format from what I’ve seen before. I haven’t seen any others like this. Also, it appears “MADE IN USA” is stamped into the wood, but it is very difficult to see, especially in photos. Were there different models of the USA Explorer back then? Any help that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Does this gibson sg standard model have binding on the neck? (I know it doesnt on body). Im new to gibson and im unsure. 🙂 Help appreciated.
  19. Hi everyone, sorry if this has been posted before or if it seems somewhat weird but I got myself a Gibson Les Paul Classic for Christmas and I'm in love with it. I'm really happy that Gibson seems to be making their best guitars ever since JC and Cesar took over. The thing is, all of you must be familiar with that wonderful vanilla-like scent that comes from the nitrocellulose finish, I know it's gonna wear off eventually and I was wondering if there is any way to preserve it or make the guitar smell like it again. I know it must sound weird but it's my first Gibson, I've always wanted one and I really want to keep it feeling new. I heard Gibson's pump polish is the best next thing to it, does it smell similar? I'll be thankful for any advice on this.
  20. I was surprised to learn that you could still order a Custom guitar from Bozeman. There are limitations based on available patterns and toolings with the current backlog and pending expansion. No delivery given except as soon as possible. Worked with the great people at Bailey Brothers Music. On order - L00/Aged top/RW b&s/12 fret/slim taper neck
  21. Hello everybody I own a gibson Les Paul Deluxe with serial number 637141 with number 1 a bit lowered down as you can see from the attached picture. According to the serial numbering logics should be a 1963 model am I wrong? Do you guys at Gibson know how much that guitar value would be? Except being part of my heart 😉. Thanks for your reply, Marco from Italy
  22. Done a little video for tone comparison (also in the mix). Main point for Gibson - it will definitely hold better its value. Plus that sound! Main point for PRS - a better playability, less prone for headstock brake (for a 5K guitar I think it's important) and the trem, although it's not that stable. Any thoughts or comments?
  23. Hey brain trust, can someone tell me what type of finish was used on a 1977 Gold top Gibson Les Paul? Was it nitro? Or something else?
  24. Hey brain trust, can someone tell me what type of finish was used on a 1977 Gold top Gibson Les Paul? Was it nitro? Or something else?
  25. So, my Grandmom's guitar was taken from the estate without permission. I'm hoping to recover it even though the chances are slim. Is this an L-50 archtop? I don't have the info from inside the guitar, but I know she was born in 1933, so she would've probably gotten it between 1945-1953 as she played it in her teens. Any input is appreciated. Please and Thank You!
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