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Found 64 results

  1. That's it. That's the whole entire post. 2020 is Epiphone's best model year yet. Anyone who seems surprised by this reality hasn't been paying attention to the amazing quality Epiphone has been steadily putting out . Especially over the past five years or so. This year we have all the incredible Les Pauls. Including the revamped Prophecy line. The Masterbilt Texan, along with the Frontier and Excellente models that were reissued. Same as the Coronet and the Wilshire. Now the latest Inspired By Gibson Electrics: ES-335s and Figured ES-335s and the Acoustics: Hummingbird, SJ-200, and the J45. There's never been a better time to play Epiphone. And that's going to be the case for years to come. Because now there's literally no reason to burn thousands of dollars for a Gibson, just to have that brand on the headstock. Epiphone is literally doing it all. With quality that is just as good, if not consistently better. I say all this as a proud Gibson Les Paul Studio (Faded, 2011) owner. I say this as someone who has tried various Gibson acoustics and electrics this year with persistent quality control issues and overall unimpressive feel and looks. I say this as a happy and proud Epi player of four years. Epiphone has finally reclaimed its throne as the original brand that gave Gibson such a run for their money. Maybe they'll even be kind enough to bail out or acquire Gibson this time 😉 I'm sure there's still going to be those guitar snobs who still cling to their Gibson brand. Tearfully, hysterically insisting that Gibson must surely still be better. Even if the new Epiphones play, sound, and even look the exact same as their overpriced counter parts. The best thing about 2020 is that Epiphone has shown that there's no justification for needlessly paying thousands for a quality instrument. It's always been this way if we're being honest with ourselves. It's about time, too. 2020 Epiphone is perfect.
  2. My son and I bought this guitar this past weekend. Obviously it REALLY OLD. Inside thru one F-Hole it says, N-2. Thru the other F-Hole it says L 353. I've scoured the internet and can't seem to find anything like this. Can someone please help? Have you ever seen on? What year are they from? How much are they worth? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Shane
  3. Ordered back in June from Bailey Brothers and received it today. Jumbo body RW-wise I've had a J-45 Custom RW and Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce RW. Both nice guitars but the sound didn't cut it. I do like my NL RW and Stage Dlx RW. First impressions Visual -Very nice VOS finish. The nitro is shrunk into the grain looking like a true vintage guitar. Finish looks very thin. The rosewood doesn't have the pores completely filled in which gives it an old time look. Aged binding looks very good. Even looks like a little bear claw going on just north of the bridge. One photo shows it flanked by a J-45 Legend and a 1952 J-45 Serial number is ink stamped on the neck block. No stamping on the head stock, no Custom Shop decal. Neck angle is perfect Tweaked the truss rod just a little A couple of the nut slots need to be taken down Unlike most historic recreations the bridge is not tapered thicker to the bass side. It's fairly straight No fabric side strips. The one with fabric shown below is a J-45 Legend Glue on the braces is a little sloppy like every old one I've looked at. Not a big deal. Neck - 1.775 wide at the nut, .805 thick at first fret. C shape I like it. Soundwise I like it. I have a NL 12 fret RW and Stage Deluxe RW but both have Nickel Bronze strings which my luthier has begged me to stop using. I'll wait a month or so and string them all the same (bronze) and do a good comparison. TKL version of the redline case.
  4. Hello thanks for having me, I recently bought a 2016 Gibson Les Paul standard and everything in it is a dream come true, but there is a detail. The binding (cream binding) in the areas that you sit and play, I think this guitar was mostly used sitting down by the previous owner, are a little bit black stained. Areas like the arm rest and mostly the lower (only) horn. Is not super obvious from far but I can see it a lot. I've read that NAFTA can take it out but I want to make sure. Do polishing with heavy cut compound will solve this. Any suggestions guys? Thanks in advanced.
  5. Hi forum friends! I have an Epiphone EJ200 (Jumbo) Acoustic, Blonde with Gibson branding over the truss rod cover on the headstock. It's a 1997 model made at the Samick plant in South Korea. I am looking to buy some of the original bridge pins used in the guitar...or something near identical in appearance and dimension as well as hopefully sound!! Two of the original bridge pins are currently superglued after snapping and all of them are quite worn and gnarled now so I fear they are rapidly giving up the ghost! I have spent a year trying to find pins that match but with no success. The pins are plastic, vintage yellowish colour with a black dot. For whatever reason the look and sound of the cheapish original pins are just perfect to my eyes and ears! However I know that lots of EJ200 players swap out the original pins for superior ones. Well, I would dearly love to buy those original bridge pins! If there are any EJ200 (Samick plant build) owners that have upgraded their pins, or who know of anyone who has upgraded their pins, and are happy to sell the original pins then please let me know! Or if anyone knows of replacement pins that match these then please do let me know! I'm in the UK but happy to purchase online from anywhere. I don't mind experimenting with other bridge pin materials so open to any suggestions! I just find a lot of replacement pins are shorter in length with a much larger head and don't seem to sound, sit or look right on the guitar to me. I have no idea what pins Epiphone used in the guitar but I cannot find matching ones for sale anywhere. I also have no idea what pins are used in the Gibson J200s but I haven't been able to track any of those down either. Thanks in advance for any help with this!!
  6. Good evening, I've recently bought a Les Paul Studio from the 1997, great one, full mahogany body, ebony fingerboard, klusson tuners, equipped with pafs... Though, I've noticed that when I plug in my rig (Vox v845, boss sd1, vox vt100x), when the bridge volume pot is set from 5 to 10, when I mute the guitar, it makes a strange noise, similar to a whistle. I thought that live it would have been gone, but still... Does anyone know something more about it?
  7. I purchased my first Gibson guitar about a week ago a 2014 Gibson Memphis ES-335 Studio. I absolutely love the stripped down simplified form of this guitar. But it is hard to find any info on this guitar, and the info I do find it seems to list both the 2014 and the 2015 in the same group. Both have the simplified single master tone/volume pots, the output jack is on the side instead of on the top, Grover tuners, maple block, and no pick guard. But I came across a video from NAMM 2015 in the Gibson booth where they claimed there are improvements with the 2015 Studio but they didn't go into detail. Now I cannot find a comparison of either guitar, hell I can't find actual build sheets on either guitar. Does anybody know the different between the two? What were the improvements made in the 2015 model over the 2014? I guess in the long run it does not matter because I have a 2014, but curiosity is besting me.
  8. Hello everyone, I was recently reunited with my great grandmothers Gibson acoustic. Everyone I've showed it too has acted stange about it so I feel as through I may have found something really special. I was wondering if you guys had any tips for identifying it. I was thinking it could be a 30’s j-35 but that’s only a guess. Any info would be amazing. Thanks! -Jon IMG_4553.MOV
  9. Hi all, I would like to have an idea of the value of my son's guitar that I am selling for him, I remember it was a decent price when we bought it in 2001. It is used but in impeccable condition. As far as I can make out it is an Epiphone by Gibson, made in Korea. I can't seem to find a name for its shape. It seems to be made of a beautiful maple wood with a different wood for the neck, it is black on the back. There are mother of pearl inlays in between the frets and another silver metal inlay in between the screws of a 7-pointed figure a bit like a take away chips box with chips sticking out! There is a serial number on the back U03070315. Any guidance for an asking price would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  10. Hi Everyone- New to the forum here. A friend of mine gave me a guitar as he was moving overseas and had to pack very light. I am trying to find out which Epiphone model it is as it doesn’t look exactly like any of them on the website. Would anyone know it’s value? Or what it sells for new? thanks KS
  11. Please help me identify my guitar #351546 I bought this guitar a long time ago, used. I can't even remember where, but it was likely from a store rather than an individual.
  12. Hi All, I have what I thought was a 1940s Gibson L-48, but have had others question that based on the logo on the headstock. They suggested it might be an older L-50 from the late 1930s I thought the L-50 always had a bound fretboard, which is why I figured it was L-48. I have since found 1930s L-50s without fretboard binding, and the same logo that mine has. The logo is white in older script. Arched top and back, and Ebony nut No label or numbers anywhere, even inside up at the neck block. It has been hard to find good source of accurate info, so I am trying here. Any info is appreciated.
  13. Folks, Here is my 2016 Gibson SG Special '70s Tribute with dual mini-humbuckers, white pickguard and block fingerboard inlays in satin vintage sunburst. I bought it pre-owned in mint condition. It's such an inspiration:) John Lee, www.guitarlessonssg.weebly.com
  14. Hello all. I wonder if anyone has any idea or information regarding this guitar. I'm not certain if it was a prototype or promotional model, and I can't seem to find anything related online. It has a custom shop sticker on the back, and interestingly the signature of Zakk Wylde '93 on the back of the headstock. More interested in identification, origin, and the like as opposed to value estimations...although every tiny piece of info is greatly appreciated! Thanks again for any opinions, suggestions, etc. -Jackie Smith
  15. We just found my dad’s 1970 something Gibson SJ deluxe in the closet. My dad has asked me to sell it, but I don’t even know where to begin. Any tips or tricks on how to sell? and I’ve seen prices between 2000 and 2700, so I have no idea how much to sell it for.
  16. Hey everyone! I’m new to the forum here, and I just picked up a 1998 Gibson ES-335 63 RI Historic Made in Nashville. It’s a natural finish with dark mahogany neck and full fretboard inlays. I was wondering if anyone had any information on these guitars? I can’t really seem to find too much about them, and do t see any for sale online that contain worth while information. What I do know is that these were built in Nashville, I think from 98-01 by the custom shop historic team, but other than that, I don’t know much about it. I’m curious as to how many were made, finding out if these were definitely CS Historic, and what the potential value is? It’s a beautiful guitar. Great resonance and a fat full tone. Any information and help is much appreciated! Thanks I’m advanced!
  17. Hi. I’ve come across a beautiful guitar with gold coloured hardware. An is 90226416. How do I find out how old it is? It’s In mint condition.
  18. Hi Guys, I am on the verge of buying a Slash custom model Gibson (the amber burst to be exact). I am based in Ireland and unfortunately due to how Gibson conducted business in previous years pretty much all retailers do not stock Gibson or Lespauls..... which is a pain in the butthole! I was wondering I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio (017460359) I am trying to get an idea in terms of how much larger the slash neck would be in comparison.... do you guys have any idea perhaps in approximate percentage ... are we talking baseball bat or somewhere in between what I am used to? Thanks for your help!
  19. Hello. I have a Gibson that was givin to me in the early 90s. I have no idea what all it is. The only numbers I can find on it are stamped in the back of the head and are 500252. Can you help?
  20. Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a problem I’m having identifying a guitar. I recently came across this obviously extremely old acoustic guitar. The Gibson headstock seems to match that of a mid 40s L-Series. The problem I’m having in identifying it Is because it seems to have at some point been given, and I can’t overstate this, the single worst paint job I may have ever seen on anything that’s had paint on it. It appears that the re-painting has been done on he body, as well also on the headstock. I realized after I took these pictures that I didn’t take pictures of the tailpiece and associated hardware, but it appears to all be original. It has one of the full trapeze style tail piece. I was hoping someone might be able to get back to me and at least start me in the process of identifying this guitar. Thanks so much.
  21. I always like tinkering around and I needed a decent set of era correct tuners for my 1942 LG-1. I found one set that was missing one gear and shaft and needs the buttons replaced. I started scanning the net for information about these era tuners. Willi has a great post over on UMGF https://umgf.com/chronology-of-kluson-tuners-used-from-late-1936-to-t197854.htm After shopping around I noticed the slotted head tuners from that era were more available and they looked the same except for the string hole in the shaft. I picked up a set that looked in decent shape to try out. Here's some photos. I bought brass bar stock to size and a special tap for the screw holes. Made the shafts to match an original one then did an aging on the brass, replaced the buttons then assembled them. I'll do a few more sets to get better at it. I followed Dan Erlewine's instructions on the buttons but I'm not totally happy with the results. I'll make some kind of jig then redo them. .
  22. Looking for any/all info...Epiphone double-neck Thanks guys Chris
  23. Wondering how may years Gibson's Custom Shop made the John Hiatt Signature model J-45's for? I heard it started in 2010 and only 100 were made according to Gibson archive site, but they never stated how many years they were produced, and if there were only 100 every year?? Anyone out there know? I've seen one for sale on a website when decoding the serial number it appears to be a 2012. Wondering how rare these are, as this was the first one I've ever seen come up for sale. Thank You all in advance for your responses.
  24. I recently Acquired a Vintage Style O from 1921. I noticed most of the style Os are sunburst or Black Finish. Natural finish seem to be few and far between. Just curious if it was an unpopular model at the time or if they made less natural finishes. Anyone have any answers? Any help is appreciated.
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