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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I have a Gibson SG Diablo Tremolo. It was all original till last week. The original capacitor was broken. It read on the top line... 223 and the bottom E5M. On the other side, the top line read 105, and the bottom CC. I have no idea what the capacitance is, or the tolerance. I imagine 223 is 0.022, and the M is 20+-%, and 5 is 50V. Who knows. I cannot find the exact cap. They used these caps in the 2012 SG Diablo Premium, and the SG Diablo Tremolo. Some were blue; some were orangish yellow. They also used Bourns 500k MINI pots. The tech put in a 223J orange drop cap. The old quacky tone that I used to have is gone. Completely changed the tone. Sounds tight. Don't like it now. I can't find exact replacements like the original one, but I'm having something similar to the original put in soon. They're a little bit bigger, because they're 100V, and not 50V. I'm not sure why Gibson used these weird small ceramic caps on this limited run, or where they even got em from. I don't care about which cap is better, or what's an upgrade; I need help identifying, and making sure I've read everything correctly. lol. I like originality. Don't mean to sound like a gear snob. I'll supply a link with pictures of the old cap vs the new vs the one that's going in next. First pic - left is original. Right is one that's in it now. Second pic - top is original. Bottom is replacement. Third pic - top is new cap. Bottom is original. http://imgur.com/a/2YDTHfI Thanks for reading, and for whatever help you can give!
  2. Hi there, everyone. I bought this new 60th Anniversary '61 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom from Guitar Center. The seal was broken, and about four weeks ago(when I got the guitar), I called Gibson to see if I could get the following items that I'm missing. They said they'd call me back. Never did. After three weeks, I called a second time. I said, again, I'm missing the vintage tone circuit card, the white owner's manual, and another paper that just says the model, and serial; not the checklist.(Shown in the pictures below from another.) They told me to email them a picture, and that they'd call me back after they looked at the email. Again, I received no call back, or an email. Am I just out of luck on getting these three items? I paid cash for the guitar. I really love this guitar. My guitar was used as the stock photos on Guitar Center's website. Thanks~. :]
  3. First of all my apologies, but I'm kinda new to this forum and the world of Gibson (Epiphone were my axes of choice for years). So if I asking a dumb question below, forgive me. Yesterday, I found an interesting listing for a Gibson SG Tribute 2019 on Facebook. The seller claims it's hardly been used and that he didn't modify anything... This is how it came out of the box. It even has the plastic foil on the pickguard. He posted a few pictures and also sent me a picture of the certificate of authenticity. So far so good, you say... However, I do have a few questions about this... When I look for images and specifications of this specific guitar online, I notice that on all other Tribute-guitars of that year, the volume & tone-knobs are different. Also, the toggle-switch doesn't have a round black cover, like this one does... Is that 'normal' or do these kind of differences occur more often? Once again, sorry if this is a dumb question. I just want to make sure I'm not buying a very close counterfeit or a guitar that has been tampered with more than the seller says. Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. Hello, I have a SG '61 2019. I drop it on the volume knob of the bridge and broke the shaft of the pot. The pot is stamped with ''Gibson'' and the # 440-70035B 1852 CTS. I would like to buy the exact same, Where can i find this? Is it a 300K or a 500K? If it is not possible, what could i get that is similar or better? thank you.
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