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Found 9 results

  1. Emmylou Harris was in town this week and put on a great show. Still going strong at 74! Played a blonde J-200 most of the evening.
  2. Hello my fellow Gibson lovers. Great to be here finally. My name is JT. Live in Denver, grew up in Michigan. I am on a quest to discover the origins of a very special Gibson guitar that has been in my family for a really long time. Any advice is greatly appreciated! My grandfather Ed Weston was an employee of Gibson Kalamazoo, MI and Elgin, IL from the years 1965-1973. From gathering family history of this extraordinary man from relatives, he managed the string department in KZoo and was plant manager in Elgin! Amazing! Enough about family, although it is an important part of my story. The guitar in question, J-200, was originally told to me as a teenager learning the instrument as a 1968. That's all I've ever known. Until I started doing some research... The clues I've gathered have led me on a chase to figure out what and where this amazing instrument is and came from. Please see attached pictures and let's begin. Start with the obvious, the serial number: A114368 it is unregistered which matches family history as back then Gibson QC was strict. This guitar was a reject that I believe was gifted to my grandfather for hard work which he repaired in his bad *** wood shop at home. According to Gibson, this serial number decodes the guitar a 1963 or 1967. Apparently, their sales were so good back then they ran out of serial numbers and had to use duplicates! Although, 1963 doesn't really follow family timelines so we'll stick with 1967 for now. There is also a stamp above the serial number BGN, which I've been told stands for Bargain. Meaning it wasn't allowed to be sold at an authorized Gibson dealer because of the defect. Still need some verification on this. There is a Made In the USA stamp below the serial number. I believe this clue tells us Gibson started doing this around 1970. So, either the neck is different from the body, or the serial number isn't authentic, or grandpa stamped that **** in there himself? The mystery has begun. Next clue. The sticker in the sound hole. It has a white border around an orange logo. Apparently, this change happened around 1972? So, there's another discrepancy. This sticker could have come at a later time since the guitar was a reject, maybe? Next clue. The headstock emblem. Gibson without the dot on the i. This tells another story. Post 1968? 1968-1972ish? Another friend told me to post an image of the decoration around the sound hole. It's beautiful, however, I haven't found any info about this. He also had a comment regarding the neck and headstock being 3 pieces of wood glued together, not sure what this means either. This is a special instrument, not only to me of course but just stunning and beautiful. Every time I pick it up music flows through me and into it. All these years and it still stays in tune, looks great [minus the obvious bumps, scars and bruises] and rings like a pro. All of these clues are puzzling me. There are some discrepancies but the timeline fits a certain era. Any advice is really appreciated. Hopefully, a kick *** crazy Gibson freak will dig into this post and help out. Stay healthy, play your guitars, rock out. PS, Hey Gibson, can you please open up the image upload size to more than this weasly 500k? Come on! I'll add more photos as needed I guess, jeez. JT
  3. Hi all, I have an Epiphone EJ-200 with a serial code beginning with GG? Does anyone have any info on what factory this was made in? I have used all the serial code checkers and all have failed to identify it. Full serial: GG06040763 Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hi forum friends! I have an Epiphone EJ200 (Jumbo) Acoustic, Blonde with Gibson branding over the truss rod cover on the headstock. It's a 1997 model made at the Samick plant in South Korea. I am looking to buy some of the original bridge pins used in the guitar...or something near identical in appearance and dimension as well as hopefully sound!! Two of the original bridge pins are currently superglued after snapping and all of them are quite worn and gnarled now so I fear they are rapidly giving up the ghost! I have spent a year trying to find pins that match but with no success. The pins are plastic, vintage yellowish colour with a black dot. For whatever reason the look and sound of the cheapish original pins are just perfect to my eyes and ears! However I know that lots of EJ200 players swap out the original pins for superior ones. Well, I would dearly love to buy those original bridge pins! If there are any EJ200 (Samick plant build) owners that have upgraded their pins, or who know of anyone who has upgraded their pins, and are happy to sell the original pins then please let me know! Or if anyone knows of replacement pins that match these then please do let me know! I'm in the UK but happy to purchase online from anywhere. I don't mind experimenting with other bridge pin materials so open to any suggestions! I just find a lot of replacement pins are shorter in length with a much larger head and don't seem to sound, sit or look right on the guitar to me. I have no idea what pins Epiphone used in the guitar but I cannot find matching ones for sale anywhere. I also have no idea what pins are used in the Gibson J200s but I haven't been able to track any of those down either. Thanks in advance for any help with this!!
  5. I'm considering purchasing this J-200 which I believe is a 1970 - 1972. Serial number engraved with Made In USA engraved on headstock is No. 727894. See pics here: https://www.pinterest.com/AngusYoung555/j200/ Played it yesterday and think it sounds good but a few small details seem off. First, the back of the guitar has two stickers instead of one. In my research, every single J-200 only has one running down center of the guitar. Second, the neck seems to be two pieces of wood, is this normal? Also, the joint in the back of the guitar is a slightly off - it doesn't line up so that it's perfectly smooth. Any thoughts about these issues? I don't think it's fake but the double sticker is odd. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, about 4 months ago i bought a 1994 EJ-200 from a dealer in Gloucestershire, the action is very high on the guitar making it impossible to play it for long periods of time, hence why i am reluctant to take it gigging with me as i fell like it would kill my hands from cramp, i wondered if i could shave the saddle slightly to improve the action on the guitar and upon looking at it ive noticed there is not much if anything left to shave off. When looking at the nut i have realized that it is incredibly high and wondered if there is anything i can do to lower it, do i take it to get shaved or something, or what do i do? Can anyone help me?
  7. What’s the best way to find out a beginning asking price for several Gibson’s that I want to sell?
  8. Hello! I have been searching the web to find some information on the J-200 VS model. I am trying to find a value for it but am really struggling to find any information on it. It is a 2012 with no electronics. It also doesn't have the gold tuners. It has more vintage looking tuners. (pic attached) Could anyone help Identify this? Does "s" mean standard? Never had one of these so am trying to educate myself. 🙂 Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hello! I have been searching the web to find some information on the J-200 VS model. I am trying to find a value for it but am really struggling to find any information on it. It is a 2012 with no electronics. Could anyone help Identify this? Does "s" mean standard? Never had one of these so am trying to educate myself. 🙂 Any help is appreciated.
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