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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I’m just looking for some friendly advice. I’m pretty sure I’ve been ripped off on eBay lately. In my haste to replace my Les Paul machine heads I bought the ones in the images below. However they didn’t fit and the seller will not accept returns. Now they are mine to sell but I think I paid way too much (£129) . For your information, the writing says “made in Germany” on the underside. Which I assume means Schaller, but wanted to know can anyone tell me a) if there’s anything special about these which justifies the price. and b) what could I charge for these as a fair price when I send them to their new home. many thanks. George.
  2. Hey guys, I have a 2018 j15 in a walnut burst that I absolutely love. Though I am not a big fan of the mini grovers... I am debating getting cream color tulips with either gold or nickel hardware. I Know I would need a bushing kit and stuff for kluson but will changing to kluson reduce value from this guitar 20 years down the road? Has anyone done this tuner conversion and am I the only one that loves kluson on gibson acoustic? Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I always like tinkering around and I needed a decent set of era correct tuners for my 1942 LG-1. I found one set that was missing one gear and shaft and needs the buttons replaced. I started scanning the net for information about these era tuners. Willi has a great post over on UMGF https://umgf.com/chronology-of-kluson-tuners-used-from-late-1936-to-t197854.htm After shopping around I noticed the slotted head tuners from that era were more available and they looked the same except for the string hole in the shaft. I picked up a set that looked in decent shape to try out. Here's some photos. I bought brass bar stock to size and a special tap for the screw holes. Made the shafts to match an original one then did an aging on the brass, replaced the buttons then assembled them. I'll do a few more sets to get better at it. I followed Dan Erlewine's instructions on the buttons but I'm not totally happy with the results. I'll make some kind of jig then redo them. .
  4. Hi, this summer I bought a pack of Original Gibson tuner (custom shop spec, single ring kluson style) to replace the tuners to my old classic 60, when I swapped the keys I didn't had tho swap the bushing, cause they fitted already perfectly (probably are the same hardware already mounted), so I left them unused in the plastic. but yesterday I discovered a thing, the bushing are different, 3 have a single circle above in the center, the other 3 ave that circle different like in the fender ones mounted on my strat. somebody know why? an error in the packaging?
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