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Found 3 results

  1. I was surprised to learn that you could still order a Custom guitar from Bozeman. There are limitations based on available patterns and toolings with the current backlog and pending expansion. No delivery given except as soon as possible. Worked with the great people at Bailey Brothers Music. On order - L00/Aged top/RW b&s/12 fret/slim taper neck
  2. I had planned on seeing Tommy Emmanuel last night but it got canceled. Another event we had planned on got canceled so I spent some time with the guitars this weekend. I've been trying to downsize and have sold a few. I have quite a few that I haven't spent much time with and intend on working with them before/if I release them. When I buy a brand new guitar I usually refrain from adjustments for a year or so to let the guitar acclimate and settle down. The 2014 '32 L00 RI was one of these guitars. A 2014 model that I haven't touched since getting. First thing I notice was the strings. Past due. A very nice L00. Made close to the specs of the Legend. I've never held a Legend but from the specs it looks like the only difference is it does not have the VOS finish. It's nice and shiney. Has the fabric side strips, chunky neck and redline case. First I adjusted the truss rod. It had quite a bit relief. After that I checked the nut slots that were spot on. The action was too low and buzzing, it needed a new saddle. I've had plans to make a jig to help with making saddles so since I had the time and parts I made it. Routed out a pocket so clamping the saddle would be below the router and circle cutter arm. First cut a couple with a straight router then I switched to this radius cutter. After a trial fit I measured the string height at the 12th, and figured out how much to remove from the bottom of the saddle. This little gadget is great. It finishes the saddle 1.000" from the back of the holder so you just adjust the screws to hang out what you want to remove. Put some new nickel bronze strings on and it sounds great. Action is perfect for me. String break is good. I still have to trim the ends of the saddle to match the ends of the bridge,
  3. Buongiorno a tutti, ho recentemente acquistato un Gibson L00 studio, montava delle corde che mi sono piaciute molto. Avevano un suono molto brillante, con frequenze medie ricche, la colorazione era leggermente piĆ¹ tendente all'arancione o al bronzo rispetto alle classiche d'addario 85/15. Mi piacerebbe sapere che corde fossero per poterle montare di nuovo. Qualcuno sa cone recuperare questa informazione? Ho scritto al servizio clienti ma non rispondono.
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