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Found 4 results

  1. Nothing beats the sweet smell of fresh nitrocellulose lacquer... just like Play-Doh. Backstory: I actually sold all my Gibson and Fender electric guitars not too long ago as well as that sweet Fender 57 Custom Champ I wish I kept. Alas! here I am having another go at it — this time around with a brand-new Gibson Les Paul Special from the new 2020 Original Collection lineup. Specs: I love the rounded fat 50's neck which gives ample support for resting your palm against the neck in a very relaxing manner. The guitar is very lightweight compared to a regular Les Paul (with a maple top) while being nicely balanced (no headstock-diving or the like). With just a wraparound tail piece you can also comfortably rest your picking hand onto it. And I always wanted P90 pickups. For all the specs, see here https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USA2KP357/Les-Paul-Special/TV-Yellow. Quality Control: A beautiful guitar with excellent build quality. No finish issues. Some minor nitpicks with the hardware, though. The pickup selector switch and nut were loose (you can see it in the photos even) and there was some type of residue firmly stuck to one of the control knobs, making the knob look cracked almost (super glue, finish?!). The pickup selector issue is actually not that straightforward to fix without the right tool at hand. I entirely blame the retailer for not looking over the guitar one bit before shipping it over. Naturally, Gibson's baby photo of that guitar showed none of those issues so it must have happened in transit or at the retailer somewhere. The fretboard is very dry, as is the case with most brand-new Gibsons, and the guitar needs a professional setup which I will do myself later (the nut slots and bridge need to be lowered a bit as well as the pickups — I'll follow Dan Erlewine's example here). Sound: The amp is still in transit... Photos: TV Yellow is really, really beautiful finish and very difficult to photograph right in color. It is slightly translucent which is why you can see the wood grain underneath.
  2. Has anyone got one of these from the Original Collection? Opinions? I would buy one immediately if lefties were still available but alas it seems I've got to wait until the end of March next year to get my hands on one.
  3. I recently bought an Epiphone Player pack with a Les Paul Special II-LE for christmas. It worked fine on day 1. But the second day, catastrophe struck. The cable was the first problem, it wouldn't stay in the jack. I had to buy a seperate cable! Problem #2 (noticed later) the tone knob had somehow gotten desoddered. I had to take the guitar to a music store to have it resoddered. And to top it all off, it did not come with the chord sheet promised on the box.
  4. Hi All, I really love my Gibsons, I have 6, and just love them, but I just got my first Custom shop and it is wonderful. It is a 2019 Les Paul Special Double Cut Figured Maple Top. It plays so nice, sounds so grungy and it looks so perfect. I've attached a couple photos, and if anyone else has one and could share their experiences I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Dave.
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