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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All, I have an '85 Les Paul Studio that I bought 2nd hand about 15 years ago, but was too young at the time to appreciate what I have. Previous owner made some "upgrades" that I would like to change back to make it look more original. Does anyone know specs for the '85 model year such as colors, body material, pickup type, tune type, etc.?
  2. Hi All, I purchase my first ebony Les Paul Studio from Gibson Dot Com on June 8th. So I’m super excited but I have called a few times and spoke with Gibson customer support to check on it and they can see I made the purchase and it’s paid in full but need to check on shipping status because I never received a tracking number. Anyone experienced same shipping email delays? Hopefully my first experience buying from Gibson will be a good one. I selected free shipping 2-9 days. Don’t know who they use as the shipping company but was told to call back and keep checking.
  3. First off, I am a drummer but love to play guitar and some bass too. But I could really benefit from the opinions of other guitar players or Gibson enthusiasts. I have always wanted to own a Gibson but never had the extra coin to spend. Or so I thought until I saw a used Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded T from 2016 with a price tag of 649 Canadian dollars (roughly 500 American dollars). I couldn't believe how much of a bargain it was especially since it was in almost new condition. I bought it without even playing it, which looking back on it was kinda crazy. I am not disappointed however. It look
  4. As the attached picture shows, when I try to lower my neck pickup, only the side opposite the poles lowers. So really the poles never adjust unless I were to lower the individual poles. Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you fix it?
  5. 1st off I know it is not an actual Gem series, however I have recently been been told that this guitar is "Rare & Highly Sought After". I purchased this guitar of a great fellow named Phil back in Nov. 2017. My son was looking to learn guitar & I wanted to get him a quality guitar. Of course I chose to buy a Gibson Les Paul. When a Gibson collector asked about a post on one of my old forum blogs (not this forum). He told me it was one of the rarer studios. All I know is it is a '98 Studio Emerald Green, using leftover Paint from the "Gem" Series and allegedly only a very few were produ
  6. Hey Gents! I have a Les Paul Studio that I am trying to identify for a buddy of mine. It seems to be a bit of an odd duck. I had originally believed it to be a Studio premium plus. However, the premiums all (or most) appear to have a quilted maple top. This one doesn’t have a quilt and is sort of a honey burst finish unlike any I’ve seen. It does have a “faux” painted binding around the body like the premium plus models. Check out the photos in the link below The serial number indicates that this guitar was made in ‘06. However, my friend says he bought it used in ‘04. Can
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