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  1. Hey all! I bought a Les Paul Studio (2021 model I believe) off of Reverb recently, and am loving it so far! One thing I've noticed though is that the coil tapping on the neck pickup doesn't really seem to be doing a whole a lot. When I do the split coil on the bridge pickup it's a pretty noticeable difference, but on the neck pickup it sounds like literally nothing is changing. I've also noticed that when I'm playing in the bridge pickup it's pretty quiet noise wise (no buzzing or hum from electronics, etc.) but when I switch to the neck or middle positions there's a fairly audible buzz that I can hear. So my question is if anyone else has had an experience like this with their Les Paul studios? I'm beginning to think there might be something wrong with the wiring in the neck pickup, but don't really have any frame of reference to compare it to to know for sure. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, sorry if this has been posted before or if it seems somewhat weird but I got myself a Gibson Les Paul Classic for Christmas and I'm in love with it. I'm really happy that Gibson seems to be making their best guitars ever since JC and Cesar took over. The thing is, all of you must be familiar with that wonderful vanilla-like scent that comes from the nitrocellulose finish, I know it's gonna wear off eventually and I was wondering if there is any way to preserve it or make the guitar smell like it again. I know it must sound weird but it's my first Gibson, I've always wanted one and I really want to keep it feeling new. I heard Gibson's pump polish is the best next thing to it, does it smell similar? I'll be thankful for any advice on this.
  3. I found this Les Paul in Japan but I’m having trouble identifying the year made, or if it’s a forgery (pretty common here in Asia). Can anyone help me out? The serial number stamped in the back reads “00400456.” I tried uploading a pictures but I keep receiving error messages. Thanks in advance!
  4. Each to there own opinion on this one, but this is NOT a Chibson! This is a Les Paul Standard that was been worked on by one of the best know luthiers in the UK, Martin Sims https://www.sims.guitars/ What are your views, what would have have done differently? Do you like it? Do you hate it? https://youtu.be/teG25GqcC9k There are children on our YouTube channel as we are a music school, so pretty please, keep it clean :-) I am really existed to hear your comments and what you would have done differently. Thanks for your time folks :-)
  5. Does Epiphone make a guitar similar to the Muse only with a slim taper C neck? Or like the Standard 60's LP with a chambered light weight body, or the Modern with a 60's slim taper C neck, or the Custom etc. I would like a les paul guitar with a chambered body (7 to 8 lbs) and the slim taper C neck. Anything in the $500 to $1100 range.
  6. Hey brain trust, can someone tell me what type of finish was used on a 1977 Gold top Gibson Les Paul? Was it nitro? Or something else?
  7. Hey brain trust, can someone tell me what type of finish was used on a 1977 Gold top Gibson Les Paul? Was it nitro? Or something else?
  8. I am tremendously lucky to have this incredible 2004 Les Paul Custom from the LQ series, made by the legendary company Fujigen in Japan! This exquisite guitar was shipped to me from Osaka by a very kind seller who offered it back in January; I just happened to come across it at the right time. Enjoy some photos: https://ibb.co/x7FT8wH https://ibb.co/JB6T77Z https://ibb.co/Ks7JqdJ https://ibb.co/HV9QM2W https://ibb.co/k5B10gp https://ibb.co/9hLD9bc From what I’ve researched, the LQ series is a limited edition run from 2004-2007. What makes it distinct from the rest of the Made In Japan Epiphone Les Paul Customs is that it was specifically made by Fujigen. Play guitar for long enough, and you’ll inevitably come across Fujigen (FGN). The reason these Made In Japan guitars are so revered is because of the Fujigen standard of quality. It is truly mythical. Any guitars from the Fujigen factory are flawlessly crafted with impeccable attention to detail. As you can see, my LQ has some obvious wear over the course of 16 years. I’ve replaced the truss rod cover and the tone knobs. I may replace the gold hardware in the future, only because the original parts are tarnished. The binding has aged really well though. Overall, the condition is amazing–as is the immaculate quality. All the scratches and dents are from the previous player, not a reflection of the highest care that went into the craftsmanship. From the binding and the fret work to the seamless fit and finish; I just cannot praise it enough! I've replaced the tone pots and the truss rod cover, as well as adding the unique gold treble/rhythm switch washer. The guitar just feels and plays amazing. Also the specs are crazy: One piece mahogany neck. Real Mother of Pearl inlays and appointments. Maple cap (yes, I checked). No weight relief, but the guitar is surprisingly light; it has just the right heft in my opinion. A nice, thin laquer finish. Bone nut. Amazing PAF pickups and wiring. One personal point of comparison would be my 2017 Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX. It’s a fantastic guitar! Yet it’s hard to really stand against this LQ Epiphone Custom because they’re specced so wildly differently, for distinct playing purposes. I will freely admit that my LQ deeply shakes my Prophecy’s excellence and that my LQ certainly makes my Gibson Les Paul Studio seem like a toy. But that’s really neither here nor there; the guitars are amazing. The point is that I’ve never played a better Les Paul. This is my holy grail guitar. I can now safely say that all the respect and admiration for Fujigen is absolutely true. Their quality is out of this world. Clearly, they build from a philosophy of passion, joy, pride, and player consciousness that I can literally feel when I play. I honestly can’t believe it’s real, that I get to hold it in my hands. I’m very honoured and proud to have this masterfully built Les Paul Custom!
  9. Hi, Would anyone be able to help me confirm this guitar's authenticity: https://reverb.com/uk/item/39861636-gibson-les-paul-1956-vos-gold-top-1989-gold It seems to be a 56 reissue gold top from 1989, except the control knobs look like standards and the knobs don't have the little spike as per most of the VOS reissues, right? Serial seems to match up to a standard model from 77 onwards: 82719547. Thanks Sam
  10. My grandfather owned a pawnshop on Lower Broad Way in Nashville between 1986 and 1994 (Rose Loan Company, 419 Broad, Next door to Ernest Tubb). I have lots of fun stories about Lower Broad back then, but that is a topic for a different time. During that time, he and my aunt purchased me a Cherry Sunburst Les Paul from Gruhn Guitars. I know very little about it other than we were told it was a prototype I have been unable to find anything about it or any other similar guitars Any info would be helpful. I feel it is unique Guitar Info: Bought 1994-1995 from Gruhn Guitars SN: 91213357 Headstock: “Les Paul Model”, no marks on Truss rod cover Tuners: Gold Plate with black “Gibson”; Stamped “Made in U.S.A.” Pickup: Humbucker-Single-Humbucker Knobs: Top Hat style, 1 Volume, 1 Tone Switches: 5 Way; 2-way (1-1 position turns off pickups) Color: Cherry Sunburst (Very bright) Fretboard: Rosewood (assumed), block MOP inlay Other info: Carved Top (not flat like a LP Jr.), Gold plated accessories, no pick guard,one access on back (missing the round). Measures standard LP size, but feels lighter
  11. Hi! I bought my Gibson Les Paul Classic a few months ago and have been absolutely loving it thus far. I have it set up with a Fender Champion Amp, nothing special but it gets the job done. One thing I noticed and was not really sure what was really going on was with the push/pull knobs, specifically with the bridge tone knob. When pulled up, I understand it gives you "Pure Bypass," when provides a stellar sound. However, with it pulled up, I am not able to adjust the volume with the on-guitar volume knobs, and it is extremely loud even when set to the lowest possible volume on my amp. Is this expected or am I doing something wrong with it? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. I though considering some new signature models which are tributes to previous Gibson users it would be great to do a randy rhoads sig, the cream les Paul custom with the same specs as the original to make it different to current normal customs, and it a Steve Clark triple humbucker and possible kahler les Paul custom just throwing it out there 🤟
  13. I bought this guitar at Guitar Center back in ‘09 and I have to say I’m disappointed in the build quality. There’s been a few issues creeping up on the guitar, some are cosmetic, but others are a bit more troubling. This leaves me with three choices: I could sell the guitar, trade-it in, or fix it. This was my first big guitar purchase, I was pretty young and naive at the time and if I could do it again I would save up a bit extra and get exactly what I wanted. I don’t want to sell it and I don’t need a new guitar — I have this one, a Fender Telecaster made in Corona, CA, and a Jackson Randy Rhoads Pro 3, the latter of the two have aged well, the Randy Rhoads I bought in 2005, and the Fender in 2013 which is why I’m bummed that I have to repair the ‘09 Gibson, but I think that fixing it is probably the right choice. What I was hoping to do is point out each issue, what I plan on doing about it, and (hopefully) get feedback from the community, to sanity check that that’s a sane thing to do (maybe there’s something better, maybe there’s something I didn’t think of). I’ll post them as a series of posts under this thread, just so that this isn’t a big daunting post. I’m sure a lot of these issues are little things, and each is it’s own subject, so there’s probably no need to conflate it into a mega-post.
  14. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 1989 Les Paul that was advertised as a '59 re-issue body with a Standard neck. I'm thinking more it's a Sam Ash run 1 of 300 that were called the Les Paul CMT. However most of the ones I've read about had the ink stamped serial # and mine has an 8 digit YDDDYxxx version. I read that this was the case in late 1989 that they converted. Anyone know why or if this is even true? Mine also came with factory chrome metal Grovers instead of the Kluson style. Gibson ABR-1 bridge and advanced plating chromed tailpiece. Bill Lawrence HBR and HBL pickups. This guitar is somewhat of a mystery with the exception that Gibson said the serial number states it was made in the Custom Shop and is considered a CMT (Curly Maple Top) Les Paul. Thanks for any thoughts and knowledge!
  15. I just bought my first electric guitar and it's an Epiphone Les Paul Special VE HS and the tuners are not very accurate and not holding very well. I was thinking about an upgrade. Do you think that should I upgrade my tuners and if yes then what tuners should I get? I'm looking for the best quality to price ratio, nothing to expensive since I've paid only 195 bucks for the guitar. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi, I've recently bought a 96 Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top with a bolt on neck. The reason for this post is that I haven't been able to find another one the same on the net anywhere so wondering if this is rare or if anyone else has the same. I'd love to hear. It was made in the Unsung factory and well I guess the serial no. will tell the rest. received_709241906347324.webp
  17. Hi everyone, I'm a long time reader but first time poster! I've been offered this guitar but am not 100% sure of its authenticity. I've been told it's a 2005 standard - and the serial number backs this up. I'm just not convinced by the binding & attention to detail. Can any of you lovely souls offer any opinions please? Thanks a million!!
  18. Hi All, Would appreciate your expert views on a 57 Goldtop...seller states all original apart from refret. Rgds, Simon
  19. Hello thanks for having me, I recently bought a 2016 Gibson Les Paul standard and everything in it is a dream come true, but there is a detail. The binding (cream binding) in the areas that you sit and play, I think this guitar was mostly used sitting down by the previous owner, are a little bit black stained. Areas like the arm rest and mostly the lower (only) horn. Is not super obvious from far but I can see it a lot. I've read that NAFTA can take it out but I want to make sure. Do polishing with heavy cut compound will solve this. Any suggestions guys? Thanks in advanced.
  20. Good evening, I've recently bought a Les Paul Studio from the 1997, great one, full mahogany body, ebony fingerboard, klusson tuners, equipped with pafs... Though, I've noticed that when I plug in my rig (Vox v845, boss sd1, vox vt100x), when the bridge volume pot is set from 5 to 10, when I mute the guitar, it makes a strange noise, similar to a whistle. I thought that live it would have been gone, but still... Does anyone know something more about it?
  21. Hey all, I'm trying to get an idea of what this guitar is and what the value may be. I've never seen an SG with custom inlay or Les Paul tags on it. Can anyone help identify it by the serial number or tell me the value of it? I'm just not sure what I have. Thanks!
  22. Hey, I found a seller of a 1974 Twentieth Anniversary Les Paul custom. He told me it was the second off the production line based on the serial number which is 3705072. There are some images attached. I've never heard of Gibson doing a 2nd off the production line serial numbers and every online decoder has been unable to verify if this thing is real. Just want to make sure what I'm buying is a real Gibson. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi to everybody I recently got my first Les Paul Standard. It's something I have promised myself since I was a teenager and now I'm 50 it seemed like the time to make the dream a reality. It's a new 60s unburst Standard and I love everything about it. It was a long wait but it was definitely worth it!
  24. Good day all, I recently picked up a 60s les Paul standard and had a few questions. The guitar I originally purchased was identified as having a bad neck pickup. The tech realizes the problem as he was setting it up for me. I swapped it out for another 60s les Paul and have a few questions. First off the pickup selector switch was loose so I had to tighten that up. Also the neck isn’t completely flush where it runs up against the neck pickup is this normal or ok? Lastly when looking at the guitar from the side I can see the nuts holding on all the knobs except for the neck volume knob. Are these things I need to worry about or are they fine to ignore? The guitar seems to play fine but I just want to make sure what I got is okay before it’s too late to return it and exchange it. Thanks for your help!
  25. First off, I am a drummer but love to play guitar and some bass too. But I could really benefit from the opinions of other guitar players or Gibson enthusiasts. I have always wanted to own a Gibson but never had the extra coin to spend. Or so I thought until I saw a used Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded T from 2016 with a price tag of 649 Canadian dollars (roughly 500 American dollars). I couldn't believe how much of a bargain it was especially since it was in almost new condition. I bought it without even playing it, which looking back on it was kinda crazy. I am not disappointed however. It looks and sounds and feels amazing. It has a much bigger neck than my Casino but you get used to it. I did some research and wanted to compare this Les Paul model to other models. I knew the one I had bought was ultimately the least expensive Les Paul you could buy without resorting to an Epiphone. After doing some research I was pleasantly surprised. I found that this guitar had all the guts and essentials that the Les Paul Standard had. The main differences were in finish (Faded T has a satin nitro finish), lack of binding and different nobs. Other things that Gibson will often change to save costs on their less expensive models would be pick-ups and a different neck material (maple necks are cheaper than mahogany necks I am told), but my Studio Faded T has Burstbucker Pros and a mahogany neck, a combination that doesn't really seem to exist in less expensive Les Paul models. A lot of Studio models have a maple neck or different pick-ups than the Standard such as the 490R and 490T or 498T. So my question is did I stumble upon a hidden treasure? A diamond in the rough? Could it just be that the 2016 Studio Faded T though low on the price tag is actually super high in value? I am especially interested in hearing from other owners of this guitar.
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