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  1. I’ve recently bought this 50s standard Les paul and I just opened up the guitar (which was shipped from Kansas to Georgia) and it seems like the paint is cracking. You can’t feel it on the surface but you can see it. Is this normal? Should I be worried about it? Box was sealed. This is my first Le Paul so any info will be very helpful
  2. Guys,hope everyone’s safe during covid. I have a specific question about finish cleaner. I recently acquired a '71 Goldtop and accidentally spilled a drop of alcohol/oil contained liquid. So stupid,I want to tear my hands off. It made a track on the finish, not too deep, but surely has some deepness. Idiot. Knowing,that alcohol destroys nitro, My question is - did I completely ruin it and its going to stay there forever? (no refin suggestions on all original 71)) what to do? Can any cleaner handle that? Gibson Pump? Luthiers choice? GHS black bottle cleaner? Virtuoso Cleaner (I’ve read its the best)
  3. Well, this is my first post on the forum and it's to get the opinion of you all about this particular guitar and model. Last week I ordered and received a new LP Modern directly from the Gibson web site. My thinking in buying directly from Gibson was that the guitar would be as close to "perfect" as possible. It arrived in a couple of days because Gibson processed the order immediately and I paid for expedited shipping. The condition of the case and guitar looked great, except for the nut. It's pretty noticeable while playing, especially when the light hits it just right (or wrong). It almost looks like it was broken or split and glued together. Have any of you seen this on a new Gibson guitar? Thanks.
  4. I’m curious if anyone knows how many viceroy brown Alex Lifeson Les Paul’s we’re made?
  5. Hi. I bought a new LP Jr 2020, and when I play it, I can hear weird sound I didn't expect. It is like the sound from the piano's high keys(something different from buzzing). It overlaps with the normal sound. And that sound is especially heard a lot on the D string. I bought a 2018 model before, and I had the same problem(it was even worse). Because of that, I returned it. I want to know the reason. What makes that sound? Is that common? 이상한 소리.mp4
  6. Hello everybody I own a gibson Les Paul Deluxe with serial number 637141 with number 1 a bit lowered down as you can see from the attached picture. According to the serial numbering logics should be a 1963 model am I wrong? Do you guys at Gibson know how much that guitar value would be? Except being part of my heart 😉. Thanks for your reply, Marco from Italy
  7. Ok so I’ve bought a Gibson les Paul standard a few weeks ago brand new - and out of the box is a bit meh, the fretboard needed some serious cleaning and oiling - but the finish has developed these really weird white spots that won’t even polish out. Any info would be really helpful - it’s been kept in it’s case the whole time, (which funnily enough is made in china, so it’s basically an Epiphone case with a different sticker then... still a good case but a bit cheeky I thought) I’ve included a few other finish flaws too that just slightly annoy me for paying over £2k on a guitar - mostly I’m just curious about what the white spots are:
  8. So I removed the “made in china” and the “quality control” stickers of my epiphone. I want to return the guitar to the store where I bought it. The guitar is in new condition still. I hope its not really a problem. I mean they are just stickers after all. But maybe they are important. I don’t know I hope I didn’t f**k this up.
  9. Buonasera volevo chiedere un'informazione a voi gibsoniani ed epiphoniani: Ho le mani particolarmente piccole e ma sono appassionato del sound Gibson/Epiphone Les paul: vagando un po' in giro mi ero orientato o sulla Epiphone lp Muse o sulla Epiphone lp modern ma non riesco a capire con quale di queste avrei un manico più sottile alla fine dei conti. Ho avuto una Epiphone lp custom per anni che alla fine ho venduto per una chitarra con un manico più sottile, ma la passione per quel look e quel sound non é passata. Aiutatemi vi prego
  10. My grandfather owned a pawnshop on Lower Broad Way in Nashville between 1986 and 1994 (Rose Loan Company, 419 Broad, Next door to Ernest Tubb). I have lots of fun stories about Lower Broad back then, but that is a topic for a different time. During that time, he and my aunt purchased me a Cherry Sunburst Les Paul from Gruhn Guitars. I know very little about it other than we were told it was a prototype I have been unable to find anything about it or any other similar guitars Any info would be helpful. I feel it is unique Guitar Info: Bought 1994-1995 from Gruhn Guitars SN: 91213357 Headstock: “Les Paul Model”, no marks on Truss rod cover Tuners: Gold Plate with black “Gibson”; Stamped “Made in U.S.A.” Pickup: Humbucker-Single-Humbucker Knobs: Top Hat style, 1 Volume, 1 Tone Switches: 5 Way; 2-way (1-1 position turns off pickups) Color: Cherry Sunburst (Very bright) Fretboard: Rosewood (assumed), block MOP inlay Other info: Carved Top (not flat like a LP Jr.), Gold plated accessories, no pick guard,one access on back (missing the round). Measures standard LP size, but feels lighter
  11. Hi! I just noticed that the quality control paper has a different serial no. than my gibson guitar. It is the same model and the serial no. thats in the quality control paper is for a gibson that was made one day after mine. Is this normal?
  12. I love the 50s specs, and I love all the colours they come in. But I love the Bourbon burst of the 60s the best. I wish the 50s came in Bourbon burst as well. What do you guys think ?
  13. Hi everyone, do you know what are those black things mounted on kluson tuners? Im presuming are something like lockers but never seen anything like that... maybe this means that the guitar doesnt stay in tune? Thanks
  14. Hi, My neighbor sold me an old Goldtop Les Paul that he had sitting around in a closet for decades. He says he bought it for his son-in-law in the 80's, but the kid never played it. Serial number is printed on headstock "3 0181". The paperwork that came with it says model 3-0181, Lot 3153. Les Paul Standard HG Reissue. (photo attached.) I've attached photos including the pots attached to the nobs inside the body. When was this made? Thank you for helping me!
  15. Good evening, I've recently bought a Les Paul Studio from the 1997, great one, full mahogany body, ebony fingerboard, klusson tuners, equipped with pafs... Though, I've noticed that when I plug in my rig (Vox v845, boss sd1, vox vt100x), when the bridge volume pot is set from 5 to 10, when I mute the guitar, it makes a strange noise, similar to a whistle. I thought that live it would have been gone, but still... Does anyone know something more about it?
  16. Hi all, I would like to have an idea of the value of my son's guitar that I am selling for him, I remember it was a decent price when we bought it in 2001. It is used but in impeccable condition. As far as I can make out it is an Epiphone by Gibson, made in Korea. I can't seem to find a name for its shape. It seems to be made of a beautiful maple wood with a different wood for the neck, it is black on the back. There are mother of pearl inlays in between the frets and another silver metal inlay in between the screws of a 7-pointed figure a bit like a take away chips box with chips sticking out! There is a serial number on the back U03070315. Any guidance for an asking price would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  17. Hi guys, my name is Anton, I am a vocalist, guitarist, and recently a motion designer. This story is about how I get started making a 3D movie about Gibson Les Paul. Once upon a time, on a hot summer evening, I was lying on my grandmother's terrace and listening to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. It was because of this track that I firmly decided at that moment that I would play the guitar no matter what it cost me. Shortly before that, I was given the Internet. It was an indescribable feeling. Before me, a 12-year-old boy, opened up such a huge world, which I did not even know about. Music consumed me. I listened to everything at once. Rock, blues, country - everything was great. The Gibson Les Paul guitar became the embodiment of this music for me. Honestly, I've never played it. I perfectly understand that he has flaws, that there are other guitars in the world. But I cannot stay indifferent when I see Les Paul "singing" in the hands of Slash, James Hetfield, Joe Bonamassa, Jimmy Page, Richie Sambora and other outstanding musicians. I really hope that I will be the proud owner of this legend. Now, I started to study a new profession of motion designer for myself. To make the learning process really enjoyable, I decided to make a 3D video for the soul. About what I admire. And that object was a Gibson Les Paul. You can read more about the video creation process here What would you like to add to the video? I will be glad for any feedback)
  18. How sturdy are the neck joints in Les pauls? I am trying to baby my new standard I mean can I pick it up by the neck joint with one hand and it will be okay or is that bad for the guitar? I have no qualms picking up my sg by the neck joint because it’s so light but I was just curious. Thanks for the feedback!
  19. We all know that this new Epi lineup is just coming out of the oven with this headstock and the Gibson license and recognition, but, really: What about we the left-handed guitar/bass guitar players ? Where do the left-handed models had gone ? I know I'm not the only one asking about this matter but, I'd like to know what the lefties (like me) think about it at this moment?. I must confess that I'd seen videos of Summer NAMM 2020 Epiphone's booth and I think the Les Paul models Epi have develope for this year look really amazing, so I'd really love to get one and play it.
  20. Good day all, I recently picked up a 60s les Paul standard and had a few questions. The guitar I originally purchased was identified as having a bad neck pickup. The tech realizes the problem as he was setting it up for me. I swapped it out for another 60s les Paul and have a few questions. First off the pickup selector switch was loose so I had to tighten that up. Also the neck isn’t completely flush where it runs up against the neck pickup is this normal or ok? Lastly when looking at the guitar from the side I can see the nuts holding on all the knobs except for the neck volume knob. Are these things I need to worry about or are they fine to ignore? The guitar seems to play fine but I just want to make sure what I got is okay before it’s too late to return it and exchange it. Thanks for your help!
  21. How many 2014 Les Pauls in Firebust limited run with an e-tuner were made? And approximately what price are they worth now? It's the 120th anniversary special line.
  22. Hello all! I just purchased a brand new 60’s Standard in Bourbon Burst from Sweetwater and was waiting for one to come in with a nice flame. I am absolutely elated! This really does not matter, but I just wanted opinions. Would you consider this an AAA top or just a nice AA top? Generally triple A’s have a very tight flame, but the flames on mine are pretty pronounced. Thank you! ~Jordan
  23. So as some of you may know, i got an Epiphone Special II Les Paul. Now it's a great guitar, but i want chrome humbucker covers for it. Does any know if there is such a thing? Chrome humbucker covers for an Epiphone?? S
  24. Hey everyone! Just here to introduce myself. I too love Les Paul guitars, but i don't actually own one, or will probably ever have the money to own one. So for now I enjoy them vicariously at guitar stores😁
  25. Difficult to gather information about this specific guitar. unfindable in catalogues or existing fora Epiphone Gibson LesPaul photos in post
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