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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I purchase a used Epiphone Les Paul, in her neck has a information Standard Les Paul, but behind has a brand Epiphone (Limited Edition - Custom Shop), I read that is a serie that have only diferences in your color or aesthetics, but in your construction is similar like a Standard, but a just wanna know how is your truly model and your color, she have a color red like the sparkling burgundy but in all body and neck, your writings are in gold, and bridge, pickups, shields and knobs are black, the pickups don't have a plate too
  2. Hi everyone, I live in Sweden and have an Epiphone Jazz guitar 12-string from 1914 in mint condition. I can't find any serial number. The guitar was made in Poland, but i want to know the specific Model name. The label says "Gitara Jazz typ III". How many guitars were made in Poland and why ? Where in Poland was the factory? How about the value today?
  3. I just bought this from the Guitar Center used department in Nashville, TN. Serial says its a 2009 but its absolutely mint condition like new. 🤔 Looking for info about this guitar because I can not find anything online about it really anywhere. No marketing material, no past listings/auctions/prices, etc. All I can find is info on the Baritone Love/Death model which appears to be from ~2011 and it seems to be different in quite a few ways from this guitar... totally different input jack, finish, inlays, etc. Details: 2009 Epiphone Robb Flynn Signature Baritone Flying V Satin Black Solid Body Electric Serial #: 090321007 EMG 81/HZ 1 Master Volume Pictures attached. Thanks for any info!
  4. Hello i'm Febiuzz help me to identify the precise model and year of construction of this Guitar. serial Number 8 9072 Les Paul Custom made in Usa Thank you
  5. Hello, Someone I know has an Epihone, and I think it is an Emperor F. Serialnumber stamped at the beack of the headstock is 7 digit, starts with 207, (manufactured july 1982), so I think that also fits. For pictures follow the link. But, inside the guitar it says Style: Emperor HSB, the serialnumber is not written on it. I can't find anything about HSB. Can somebody give me more certainty about this guitar? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahi6z1orevY1gaFseRiv2E52o_VrIQ?e=idruK5 Thank you very much, appreciate your help. Best regards, Marco Gouda, the Netherlands
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