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Found 9 results

  1. Does Gibson list the specs somewhere for older Guitars? I'm trying to determine which neck profile is on my 1996 LP Studio that I've been playing for the last 20'ish years. I'm looking into building a kit Guitar from Warmoth to dabble in building, and am trying to find a neck with a similar feel to my LP.
  2. I'm hoping for some input on a guitar I'm looking at. The guitar is a Epiphone DR500MCE Masterbilt and is in seemingly great condition other than this crack in the neck area by the nut. The seller says that the crack is on both sides of the neck but only gives me one picture which I'll post here. They live about 2 hours away from me so I don't really want to drive out there if it's not worth it. My question is how much would you pay for the guitar? Would it be worth picking up or should I pass on it? Any help is greatly appreciated. The headstock doesn't seem to have any scuffs on it that might have caused the crack I'll upload a picture of that as well. They are asking $300 obo.
  3. I have a Les Paul special I P90. The original neck has an overhang (I hope I’m using the right word). I was hoping to replace it with a new neck without overhang. If it has the same scaling would it be possible. Or would I get another 22 get neck because the last fret stops right at the overhang and the replacement necks have the last fret at the end. It’s all a bit confusing. What should I do?
  4. Looking for any/all info...Epiphone double-neck Thanks guys Chris
  5. How sturdy are the neck joints in Les pauls? I am trying to baby my new standard I mean can I pick it up by the neck joint with one hand and it will be okay or is that bad for the guitar? I have no qualms picking up my sg by the neck joint because it’s so light but I was just curious. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Recently, I bought a fine 1976 Gibson ES335 from a friend of mine. The guitar plays well, good tuning and sound, but there was a problem... took the guitar to my luthier for fret replacement and basic maintenance, so he tell me that the guitar has a twisted neck and It couldn't be fixed. The guitar really has a good tone, sounding, but... I can't get the “my guitar has a twisted neck and can't be fixed” out of my mind. What Should I do?
  7. Anyone played one of these yet? Im looking for a bigger/fuller neck compared to the 2018 standard j45 I have. It says 50s style "round"on these but im wondering how it compares to something like the True Vintage J45, or an R8/R9. Cheers!
  8. Dear Gibson aficionados, I consider the purchase of an ES-339. I have rather small hands; and the slim taper neck of my SG Standard - for example - fits me very well. I thoroughly checked out a friends (2008) ES-339, the version with the "59" neck. I love this guitar, but the "59" neck is clearly too thick for me. My question is: regarding shape and thickness - with which neck is the recent production (2019) “Rounded C” more comparable: the (2008) "59" or the (2008) “30/60”? Taking in account that I like the SG neck, do you think it is likely that I can get along with the modern “Rounded C” as well? A second question to the insiders among you: do you expect that the old “30/60” ES-339 neck will become available again anytime soon? Might it be worth to wait? Your advice is much appreciated.
  9. Grip78


    Ciao a tutti, ho una gibson sg standard del 1993 da diversi anni, come faccio a capire che tipo di profilo del manico ha? Non lo sono mai posto il problema è non sono un esperto. Grazie
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