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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all! I bought a Les Paul Studio (2021 model I believe) off of Reverb recently, and am loving it so far! One thing I've noticed though is that the coil tapping on the neck pickup doesn't really seem to be doing a whole a lot. When I do the split coil on the bridge pickup it's a pretty noticeable difference, but on the neck pickup it sounds like literally nothing is changing. I've also noticed that when I'm playing in the bridge pickup it's pretty quiet noise wise (no buzzing or hum from electronics, etc.) but when I switch to the neck or middle positions there's a fairly audible buzz that I can hear. So my question is if anyone else has had an experience like this with their Les Paul studios? I'm beginning to think there might be something wrong with the wiring in the neck pickup, but don't really have any frame of reference to compare it to to know for sure. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Friends! I cracked open my new Epi Coronet to take a look under the hood, and I was quite impressed overall. I noticed that the 2-conductor pup connection is a quick-connect type connection. I think it'd be kinda fun to find some of the male connectors and crimp them on to some other pups I have, but I haven't had luck finding the specific connector. I know the simple solution is just to cut them off and solder, but yeah, just want to explore this idea more. I've searched extensively and have found many similar connectors, but would like to find an exact match because I am a weirdo 🤓 Do any of you (or anyone at Epiphone) know the specific brand and type of connector used? Thanks!!!
  3. Hello All, I'm new to the forum and would greatly appreciate any assistance on this topic! I am passionate about finding older music equipment and giving them new homes. My knowledge on guitars is extremely limited. We recently picked up this neon orange Ibanez guitar. The pickups are Seymour Duncan George Lynch and the other one is marked on the back with Pat Applied (sticker torn). How would I be able to tell if this is an authentic Gibson PAF? (based on looks alone and not sound as the guitar has been taken apart) Once again, I truly appreciate your time and feedback. Best Regards, William
  4. Looked under my pickups for the first time on my used Les Paul and all I saw was a number and signature. Anybody know how/if I can look this up somewhere? Google was no help.
  5. Dear fellows, I just purchased a really nice Gibson L30 in its original Geib case (see attached picture). I am using Thomastik JS110 Flatwound Extra Light Jazz Swing on my Gibson ES125 since I like low gauge. Would you also recommend them on the L30? I would also like to try it amplified. Any pickups recommendations? Preferably removable. Thank you !
  6. I have an Epi LP Traditional Pro-II with an Alnico Classic PRO at the neck and a ProBucker-3 at the bridge. Has anyone had success putting Gibson or other covers over these specific humbuckers? If so, which covers, specifically, worked for you?
  7. Hi all, I have a B Stock Epiphone Jack Casady bass that played really well for a couple of years. I had never had it professionally setup. Earlier this year, I noticed some fret buzz/strange rattling around the 7-9th frets on the G string. At the same time, I noticed that the screws around the pickup and pick-guard were a little loose, so I figured that something might be rattling because of those. I grabbed my electric screwdriver and tightened them all as far as they'd go. The result? My pickup went from its regular sunken position to bulging outwards, blocking all strings and making the instrument unplayable. The funny thing is that when I loosened the screws back to where they were, the pickup continue to protrude only on one side. One of the screws very quickly became stripped and wouldn't move at all. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'll probably end up taking it to a tech for a fix and tune-up, but I was wondering if there is some more obvious (and cost efficient) solution that I'm currently unaware of. Thanks for reading!
  8. Ciao a tutti, ho ereditato una ES335 Studio dell'88 ma purtroppo è notevolmente "cannibalizzata" (vedete le foto sotto). Ho già chiarito molti particolari ma, prima di procedere al "restauro", Vi porgo 2 domande: 1. La Gibson mi dice che non hanno più il backplate come pezzo di ricambio, dove posso trovarlo? 2. Sempre la casa madre mi dice che in origine aveva 2 dirty finger come pickup ma visto che ne devo montare di nuovi Vi chiedo se avete consigli. Alcuni dicono i 498, altri i burstbucker, altri ancora i '57 classic... Voi? Attendo Vostri suggerimenti, grazie mille a tutti.
  9. Hello to everyone, I'm Nicola from Italy and I need help to give a new life to an old dismissed Lucille (sorry for my bad english). I found out this guitar with no pickup, no varitone, ... no hardware (see pictures). I want to make it play again, is there someone who can help me? I mean: . Identify the missing parts . Identify where to buy them . Find out a whole schematic about this parts Any suggestion will be welcome. Nicola
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