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Found 17 results

  1. Lee Evz


    Hi there, I’m hoping someone be able to help me. I’ve just purchased a Gibson dot 335 1988 and I’m really pleased with it. I’ve just pulled out the pickups and I’m not sure what they are? Has anybody got any idea how identify these at all? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey everybody—just joined, very excited to learn more about the Gibson brand, and guitars in general! I recently acquired a Custom shop Black Beauty CS 4317* this means 2004 I was told. does anybody know what the pickups would be in this guitar?—- they sound great, I’m just curious, I might want to buy a pair of same to put another guitar. thank you in advance for info!
  3. Finally I have saved up to a Cherry Red LP Classic. The guitar comes with zebra 61r and 61t burstbuckers. I want to put nickel covers on to match the rest of the hardware. Which Gibson covers should I buy? Thanks, Dennis.
  4. Looked under my pickups for the first time on my used Les Paul and all I saw was a number and signature. Anybody know how/if I can look this up somewhere? Google was no help.
  5. I’m trying to find info on Skunk Baxter Firebird pickups. Were they only made for the signature Firebird? Or can they be bought as an upgrade for a regular Firebird? What is the sound like? I’ve read they’re the closest a Firebird pickup will get to a Classic ‘57 but can’t find any reviews or sound clips anywhere.
  6. Hi, I've got a 2005 Cherry Flying V, typical '67 reissue version in gloss Heritage Cherry with white PG. I pulled the pickups and installed 2 original Tim Shaw Dirty Fingers. The pickups that came out of it are not covered and just have the Gibson USA logo stamped on the bottom. one side has flat screw poles. Does anyone know what pickups these are? I believe they are stock from that guitar.
  7. Hi. I got Epiphone humbucker pickups. (4 conductor) But I can't find wire diagram for Epiphone 4 conductor pickups. Please let me know how to wire...
  8. Hello, I'd like to replace my 490R and 498T pickups on my Gibson ES 137 with pickups which are more suitable for jazz, blues with less signal output. I am considering P90-style pickups. Would Gibson's P94s fit in the body properly? As I know, my current 490R and 498T are slightly different in matter of pole spacing (to reflect different distance of strings above neck pickup and bridge pickup). Are P94R and P94T also build this way? And my last question: is there any difference in sound of classic P90 pickup and its humbucker version (P94s)? Thanks a lot.
  9. As the attached picture shows, when I try to lower my neck pickup, only the side opposite the poles lowers. So really the poles never adjust unless I were to lower the individual poles. Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you fix it?
  10. Hello all, I've got a Epi Riviera P-93, and I'm wondering what the default activations are through the pickup selector switch. My assumption is as follows: UP: neck MIDDLE: middle and bridge DOWN: bridge That said, I've seen other people online articulate this differently (for example the middle position activates all three pickups). Would someone be able to clarify the definitive default configuration? Thank you!
  11. Hi all, I have a 2nd hand Riviera P93 and it's come to my attention (via my guitar instructor who has made some adjustments to it -- the previous owner liked his action high and his string gauge heavy) that the bridge pickup is a little high -- as in the spacer connecting the pickup to the guitar top is too thick. Can anyone who has a P93 tell me if this looks odd? One of the reasons for the concern is that the (low) E-string is buzzing on the pickup and the pickup screw can't be adjusted any lower. I'm a newb, so I don't mind hand-holding in order to understand what's going on.
  12. Hello Everyone, I have a L-6S that was passed down to me from my grandfather. After several years of playing it I would like to restore and replace some of the parts. Mostly replace the pickups, pots, and wiring. Everything on this is still the original equipment and other than what I just mentioned all is in great shape. I'm wanting more specifics on this brand if possible. I'm unsure of the exact year but I have the serial number. Also, one if the pickups has November 197X on it. So I'm almost there! Any suggestions on replacement parts would also help me out. I've attached some pictures as well, however having to resize them didn't improve the clarity. Thank you all.
  13. Guys, could you help me identify a Gibson pickup? I just bought a used Epiphone Les Paul Custom and it has a Gibson pickup in the bridge position. The guy who sold me isn't the original owner and didn't know much about it either. Thanks.
  14. I’ve got an old Gibson Explorer that was heavily refinished at one point in it’s life. I bought it used from a local guitar shop 15 years ago, and the dude told me it was a 1981. Anyway I’m pretty sure the pickups have been switched out to these cream colored humbuckers. Recently the neck pickup has gotten SUPER dark and just doesn’t have that nice tone it used to. I had my guitar tech buddy tear it all apart and check it out. He can’t figure it what’s wrong with the pup but did replace all the pots as they were old and failing and one had a brass stem, and the other 2 aluminum- clearly not original. The tone pot actually had a resistor from a vintage fender amp attached vs the normal one for this guitar. Anyway, got those all replaced and am now looking for a set of pups to make this thing sing. Any recommendations? I really want to outfit this rig with some pups For that Rich Robinson/Marc Ford tone, but also Billy Gibbons, Allen Collins, Duane Allman tone’s too.
  15. Just received the Epiphone SL new in box. Cannot get pickups to work. Amp is fine. I have removed all the plastic wrap thinking maybe that was covering the pickups. Volume is up on guitar and amp. I’ve tried each toggle position. Maybe there is a wiring defect and I should return. I just want to make sure there’s nothing else new out of the box I need to do.
  16. I have an epiphone les paul plus top standard pro and the treble pickup isn't working. Should I bring this into a guitar store to have them look at it or is something I can probably fix. Everything works on the guitar except for the treble pickup and it stopped working over night because it was working the night before and the next day it stopped working. any help would be appreciated.
  17. I’ve had this 1964 reissue for about 6 months and love it- but I noticed these weird marks forming on the pickup covers under the strings. Almost like corrosion or something- it cannot be wiped off with a rag. Something is happening to the metal covers. Has anyone seen this before, know what it is and if it can be removed?
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