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  1. Wrote this in about 15 minutes while watching car racing on TV. Took approx 5 hrs to record,, another 2 hrs for vid,,after 5 takes,, "ONE MORE ROUND" on my 140$ off craigslist Epiphone G-310 SG. Used Fender Mustang amps.
  2. Hi to all! Want to share this beauty that I just bought, is a rarity, maple body and neck, p90, made for my beloved infamous Norlin era, early 70’s, nice condition, Diablo color and an AWESOME but AWESOME tone! Is all I know about this model if someone want to share some more info would be nice!
  3. IMG_6038.MOV The storybook head made everyone crazy: imma trying to study up to make from scratch…’septs when the ebony fretboard is ‘needed’. I got a couplla good pieces of info in my posts … history : artists are dicks!!! Bravo! ☠️🦋❣️🦋☠️ 🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵 ☠️🦋❣️🦋☠️ my older music is available on my website : http://stephentolley.com videos and such … well : mostly Instagram. : SexyPopPopCulture
  4. I'm having a hard time identifying an Epiphone SG I recently picked up. It has a set neck, 2 open-coil humbuckers, 1 volume and 1 tone control, and the open-book headstock. Somebody may have added the vintage metal headstock logo. It looks like it was originally black, but it's now covered with a thick coat of something resembling house paint, so there are no identifying markings such as a serial number. The seller thought it was made in Japan, but there's no way to confirm that. He also said he acquired it without a pickguard, so he added one. The pickups sound surprisingly good. It reminds me a lot of my Bully SG, but with a set neck, and the classic headstock. Any idea just what it could be? thumbnail.jfif
  5. Good morning, I bought a white 2014 120 anniversary standard SG. the guitar should have come out with the e-tune system but this one does not have one and has Kluson DeLuxe tuners. This model has USED stamped above the serial number ..... it is a pre production DEMO model .... can you tell me more about my guitar.???..thank you
  6. hello all gibson users ! i want to review my gibson sg 2011, i want you guys give an opinion about my sg guitars, i bought second 2 year ago, and i want to know about this guitar, how should i do for upgrade ? i hope you respond my thread, thank you
  7. Does this gibson sg standard model have binding on the neck? (I know it doesnt on body). Im new to gibson and im unsure. 🙂 Help appreciated.
  8. Hi, I have recently notice some weird stains on my Gibson SG which i can't see to get rid of, I cleaned my guitar with Dunlop but no luck on removing. The stains are only visible from some angles. but i still would like to get it off (its hard to make a picture of, but you can definitely some weird disruptive spots) Link to pictures: https://ibb.co/Z2mNPWp https://ibb.co/vcgwcgf https://ibb.co/DfNJjwF https://ibb.co/RSMW7z1
  9. Hi, is there someone who can identify this SG model?
  10. First of all my apologies, but I'm kinda new to this forum and the world of Gibson (Epiphone were my axes of choice for years). So if I asking a dumb question below, forgive me. Yesterday, I found an interesting listing for a Gibson SG Tribute 2019 on Facebook. The seller claims it's hardly been used and that he didn't modify anything... This is how it came out of the box. It even has the plastic foil on the pickguard. He posted a few pictures and also sent me a picture of the certificate of authenticity. So far so good, you say... However, I do have a few questions about this... When I look for images and specifications of this specific guitar online, I notice that on all other Tribute-guitars of that year, the volume & tone-knobs are different. Also, the toggle-switch doesn't have a round black cover, like this one does... Is that 'normal' or do these kind of differences occur more often? Once again, sorry if this is a dumb question. I just want to make sure I'm not buying a very close counterfeit or a guitar that has been tampered with more than the seller says. Thanks a lot in advance!
  11. This is my latest purchase. It is the first cherrytop SG-3 made.....serial number C001. Can't wait for it to arrive in a few days!!
  12. My neck volume pot has been scratchy so I opened up the cavity for the first time (aka everything inside has been done by the factory) and noticed something that looked off to me. Shouldn't the braided wire from the switch be soldered to the neck volume pot as well? It is my understanding that the braided wire should be connected to the ground of the switch, and then soldered to all of the pots and finally the ground of the output jack. This is the only pot that it is not soldered to. Does this mean my neck volume pot is not grounded?
  13. Hey all, I'm trying to get an idea of what this guitar is and what the value may be. I've never seen an SG with custom inlay or Les Paul tags on it. Can anyone help identify it by the serial number or tell me the value of it? I'm just not sure what I have. Thanks!
  14. Hi! I traded an epiphone les paul, marshall amp and a delay pedal on a gibson SG, the problem is I don't know wich exactely is my guitar model ( I look dumb trading a guitar that I don't know the model but still a good deal). What puzzles me is that the input jack is in the side and the pickup selector key is on the right of the knobs. It has g force tuners, the bridge have some kind of hardware at the bottom, the input jack is a neutrik locking input, and locking straps. I tried contact gibson with 4 different e-mail (sometimes the asked some photos and never hitted me back or didn't answered my e-mails), I also tried the send some messages. I am starting to think I got a "chibson." Thanks, Mateus. (019880332 is the code number, I will try to send some pictures)
  15. So,,got this recently and it was Wine red,,not really my fav color,,so sanded it down to the mahogany and finished w/linseed oil. Not too bad for a craigslist special
  16. Lets see,,whats to do on a sunny afternoon? I know,,Ill play my Epi SG to a Weezer song! Hash Pipe,,not claiming ownership of tune or monitizing it. Just enjoy jammin to a fun band + tune,,and of course,,The Epi SG dosent hurt either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI2cdf50xHA
  17. Looking for any/all info...Epiphone double-neck Thanks guys Chris
  18. Hello, I’m seeking the best websites to order parts for my ,02 SG Faded. I need a new pick guard, screws, and humbucker screws. I’m in Canada, so ideally Canadian websites, no sweat if not. Thanks!
  19. Well, the saga of my Epi SG Special has finally come to a satisfying conclusion, and I am finally getting around to posting a "NGD". This guitar arrived with some issues. Fret buzz, and high-E string slippage off the fretboard. With all the Covid-19 disruption, it took Sweetwater a while to give me the "OK" to have the fixes executed at a local repair shop… but I just picked her up at the shop, and she now plays—and sounds—like a dream! Now that she's ready to rock, I present to you all my new 2020 Epiphone SG Special in Faded Pelham Blue! I kept the warranty sticker/plastic coating on the pick guard until I was 100% certain she was a keeper. Felt good to finally peel it all off!
  20. Hi everyone. I have a Gibson Custom 1963 SG Standard in VOS Alpine White with a Maestro tailpiece. I purchased it from Wildwood Guitars in Colorado. Gibson makes a big deal about how accurate their vintage specs are, but I sure don’t agree. I understand why they don’t use Brazilian Rosewood, but do not understand why they can’t get the little details right. The shape of the inside upper and lower cutaways (horns) are not at all accurate, and there are a few odd humps, apparently from whatever CAD machining process was involved in construction. I’ll try to attach a picture. Additionally the fingerboard shows tooling marks from the radius cutter, the fingerboard extension onto the body is too thick, the binding color is wrong (too yellow) and they left masking tape on the short piece of binding on the heel of the fingerboard. That’s not every single thing, but it’s enough to be disappointing when talking about a $3K guitar. I’m 66 years old, and had a couple of originals. The little details may not mean much to some, but these things add up to a lack of attention to detail on Gibson’s part. Don’t tell me how accurate your vintage detail is unless it’s true. Gibson, it’s not accurate. Some of us actually know and care.
  21. I have a Gibson SG bass standard 2019, and I've always felt that its bridge pickup sounds much weaker than neck pickup, even it gets volume all the way up. I noticed just after I got her and I have been anxiety about it since I noticed. Is it common thing for all SG standard basses, or do I need to have her fixed? And for another question... I once dropped her just one or two weeks after I got her, though I got no scars or dents since it has fallen on the a tower of papers and the edge of layered carpets. As you know, if we went through those accidents, we tend to feel like something had changed. I'm not sure, but I need qualifications from you guys who has been through a lot of unexpected accidents that if there's no blemishes on it, it's alright... Or there is a possibility of having crack inside body or neck. If so, I want to know the mechanism how it gets crack inside without any branches on its surface. As you can detect from those sentences, I'm a nervous person... Just as you worrying about your beloved gears. Thanks in advance
  22. I'm planning on getting my first SG, and I found these 2 guitars online that fit my price range, but I'm just not sure about the legitimacy or problems. I'm completely new to SGs and have little to no knowledge about them, and I would like to know if these 2 guitars are legitimate or fake, if they have any problems that I should be aware of, or if they're worth the price at which the sellers are selling them for. I'm especially skeptical about the second guitar (the one on ebay) as it doesn't have the normal covered pickups the regular SG standards have (the sellers they got replaced), has a repaired crack on the neck and also the serial engraving just looks a bit sketchy. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. Guitar 1: https://reverb.com/item/31726614-gibson-sg-special-2009-black Guitar 2: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gibson-USA-SG-standard-2001-Japan-rare-beautiful-vintage-popular-EMS-F-S/303312679045?hash=item469ed83085:g:RQsAAOSwzp1dmzXv
  23. Hi. I just picked up a disassembled 2004 Epi Goth SG -- haven't started putting it back together yet. My impression of Epiphone stock pickups has always been that they were a bit dark and muddy, without a lot of character, so I thought I'd go ahead and plan on swapping them out, maybe for a set of Dragonfires or GFSs. Anyone have thoughts on the PUs that come standard in the Goth SGs, or what might make a good replacement? I'll probably mod and resell it, so I'd like to make it a versatile guitar, and not just a hi-gain screamer (which the Goth models seem to me aimed at). Appreciate any feedback before I start the project... Cheers, J.C.
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