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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, first time post. Great to be here! Anyway, I have a 1994 Sheraton with gold plated hardware. It’s got a nice worn patina going, but the saddles are pretty toasted. The slots are worn super deep. I’m looking for good quality, preferably gold plated saddles, and I’m looking for suggestions. I don’t really want the zinc or “pot metal” type if I can help it. Any thoughts?
  2. I have this Epiphone Sheraton with the “Epiphone By Gibson” headstock, leading me to believe it is a 1986-1988 Samick factory Korean made. There is no serial number sticker or engraving. Now, the weird part.. The headstock is different than the standard ones. I’ve seen more of a “cursive” type Epiphone logo on a few, but never one exactly like this that’s missing the “registered” symbol. Also, there’s no black decorative lines in the binding on the sides of the headstock like the others have, and the tuners are different (could be aftermarket). And the floral design is different slightly. The weirdest thing is that there aren’t skunk stripes on the back of the neck. Every single Sheraton I can find has these, but this one does not. Also, the bridge is different than the 86-88 models. Has anyone seen this before? I’ve emailed Gibson but haven’t received a reply. Photos included.
  3. I'm trying to identify the exact (or close) model of the white Epiphone Sheraton guitar that the original front man for Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion and Deadboy & The Elephantmen; Dax Riggs plays. I have tons of pics of his guitar, seen it in person many times and I still can't find which model it is. It doesn't have to be EXACTLY the same model, but as close as I can get or if someone can point me in the right direction. Here are the specs & pics: Epiphone Head Stock The color Looks Cream White or White. Could be beige or natural? Pickups are not gold like most of the other Sheraton's I see, but the rest of the hardware is. Custom pickups maybe? Pick guard is different than most; shape and color/design. The Epiphone 'E' symbol on the pick guard also looks different. Dax's guitar is the white one on the right in the pics. If you need more pics, I can gladly post them. This information is needed for information I'm writing for a website and since Dax's has since disappeared from the music scene as of 2016, trying to find out about all his music equipment has been difficult. Any help with identifying his Sheraton will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi there! Anyone to help me find out what kind of varnish is used on the Sheraton II Pro? I'd like to buy a guitar stand and make sure it is compatible with the varnish on my guitar. Thanks! Stéphane
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