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Found 5 results

  1. Good day. I, amongst many others apparently, am struggling with activating my Deckadance 2 software. I had it registered and verified for some time but upon time passing, for some peculiar reason, my version has regressed into the "(DEMO)" version. This is very disappointing and all attempts to revocer my full version of Deckadance 2 has been unfruitful. I sincerely hope someone can help me, as this is my favorite bit of software and I do miss djing. Cheers for now! I am looking ofrward to hearing from you. Thanks.
  2. I bought a Stanton t.92 M2 USB and i am not able to redeem the software Deckadance 2 for which i received a redeem card in the box. I open up www.cakewalk.com and try to redeem the product. And it states that i need to login with an account first. I don't have any account on that website. And when i try to create one it gives this message "the create account option is disabled". Please give me a workaround it. Thank you, Mehtab Singh
  3. Hi all, I recently purchased a Stanton ST.150M2 in Australia brand new from Manny's. Been trying to get Deckadance 2 DVS Edition that was included in the box (license supplied as a software serial no.) and I can't seem to register for cakewalk, something about being closed? Anyone able to help out or point me in the right direction to get this up and running? Cheers, Watto
  4. The Deckadancer 2 LE can´t be activated because the web site from Stanton either Cakewalk, are wrong, with error because the new account creation is currently disabled. I waited a month to fix the web, but It continue the same. It,s not fixed. How can I actívate the software if the web site doesn´t allow créate a account necessary to Access and actívate the software? how can help me? Behringer? Stanton? Cakewalk?
  5. I purchased a pair of ST 150 Turntables a few years ago for $800 in Australia . First new turntables I've ever owned . I Kept my decks in mint condition and looked after them as if they where my twin children. Problem is that my children had birth defects and started going sticky . Sticky Buttons ,sticky rubber base . Sticky f**n everything! The decks are completely ruined and unusable . I won't accept this manufacturer defect . I know people all over the world have experienced Sticky Stanton Turntables. If you bought $1600 brand new Gibson guitar , kept it shiny a beautiful in its case . For no fault of your own your $1600 Guitar turns from shiny to a horrible sticky crap covered guitar you dont want to touch as it feels horrible and leaves a tacky residue on whatever it contacts. It would be unacceptable as are my Sticky Stanton ST150's.
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