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Found 2 results

  1. I use D'Addario Acoustic Guitar 80/20, .011 - .052 strings on my 2007 Gibson L-4A EC Rosewood . They are not coated. I play daily between a half hour and two hours. Seldom do I miss a day. I am too lazy to wipe down my strings each time I put down my guitar. I do keep the neck wiped regularly. I change strings about every three weeks. I always change strings a day before a gig. I use D'Addario Electric Guitar Pro Steels .010 - .046 strings on my 2010 Gibson ES-335 Satin Black. Also, not coated. I play it fewer hours per week than the acoustic. I change those strings about every 4 weeks.
  2. What does everybody think about newtone strings, I recently have been to see Ralph McTell and picked up a set of his custom newtones and they sounded amazing and had a very nice feel to them although they did not last very long. Does anybody know of a brand that sounds as good as newtone but also last a while???
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