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Found 3 results

  1. IMG_6038.MOV The storybook head made everyone crazy: imma trying to study up to make from scratch…’septs when the ebony fretboard is ‘needed’. I got a couplla good pieces of info in my posts … history : artists are dicks!!! Bravo! ☠️🦋❣️🦋☠️ 🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵 ☠️🦋❣️🦋☠️ my older music is available on my website : http://stephentolley.com videos and such … well : mostly Instagram. : SexyPopPopCulture
  2. Hey, got a 1999 Epiphone Explorer… Serial: T99051558 Yet, has a postscript second T… TT99051558 It has the Gibson truss cover…, and I’ve identified the model… Could it be an Elite?!? I took a long time to desire how to mount the head and the neck.. Head: the taper to a 1.3 cm point : like the les Paul (where you can spot a Chibson), but slightly up on the centre. Neck: slight angle …:) Gorrilla Carpentry glue and Alymer’s white glue and Chinese (Gold) Carpentry glue in a combo that includes firehardwning (from that Battlestar Galactica episode..anyone…?!?) I was gonna do the fire and glue and lacquer finish : donno yet - ideas?!? upgraded to Grover tuners..but, The other guitar it came with is a Hungarian Uniwell : had a Floyd Rose stamped tremolo.. well that’s not a official licences run (Kramer?!? was the only early one and went bad). …Plus: it’s the freaking Chinese 20$ Fastback (or whatever - but exactly it with a Floyd Rose stamp…well : I wrote Floyd Rose … I tried to get ahold of the Hungarian company (still there)…next thing I know China has, what … 10 new tremolos and they goto 125$ CAD…well well well .. who owns what and who did what and who showed up to court drunk (besides the judge)! looking like lawyers wanted to place ownership on stuff, and like the John Wayne said ‘fences’… artists apparently ficked with us….(meaning you get ficked - I think Picasso was a catalyst : Genius Steals - **** ..what’s your theft, but our heart!!) Anyhoo: I got some ‘GOLDEN’ black tuners off that Hungarian jobbie - sold the tremolo (oh well : museums eh?!?) - imma use instead…and traded the black knobs for gold from a Dean Stealth V !!! (Dean nailed it … I say! The tines on the ML resonate to make the tone drop lower than the Explorer - even at the set neck (worth it in this time of bolt-on snobbery) - I’m impressed : good job dude! Heard about the V head thing (and the riddle) …they break a lot…just so big and loves to hit and grab **** (go girl I’ll fix you right - isn’t a lower end neck break just to do it right?!?) - my V is a second hand (cp stamped fretboard) broken neck… still need some love, but so far..!!! Loves!!) also… got an acoustic Tempo A 70 1 that I’m convinced is a Japanese luthier that was like you guys are dumb..built a set neck acoustic ..(with a lot of missing technics and technology), that they just looked at and went ‘we’re experts,’ as he grabbed it and ran, hoping not to be pushed in front of a bus..! No country of manufacture (set neck acoustic in 1970 from Japan?!?) my dad found it in the garbage - 40 or so years ago - didn’t touch it until a few months ago!!6 as AC/DC said, ‘Who owns Who!’. love thy artist : they’ll have god reaming your….! also, Got a hummingbird Chinese from the clone wars (don’t get me started..****!!!)… And, a three humbucker V, SG faded, and just sold a post manufacture les Paul three humbucker (good work). That’s just the ‘good’ ones (Spear…got the semi-hollow les Paul!!). (Blessed on some aspects - hated worse than you can imagine : oh, right .. FU too:). !..!, ..!., (<~ mine too 2003)!) my street was awash in tone (live downtown) you could fart and it would sound like it shoul be released..but I Peavey hard (down the stairs and more: 1969 reverb: well I got the Earth amp one too ( can’t be later than 1972 or 3) all you need to know about dead people!!!) ‘…what about tone..?!?’ Peavey…military grade boards early!!! By god : they were the champ!!! well I guess it’s obvious I got COVID isolation crazy going in, yet. I got enough fix ‘ems for the winter anyway!!! IMG_6030.MOV Finally… Well : see you soon … imma crawl into your…!:) Seriously!!! NB: you wanna be a bully around me about as much as you wanna eat your favourite axe:)
  3. Hi friends! Current Strat and Tele owner here - love them for their cleans, and occasionally overdrive them, but I've been looking over my shoulder at Epiphones/Gibson's for years to get an overdriven tone I'd love. I grew up on 90s punk rock, Marshall+Les Paul bright/present/high gain sound. I once had such a set up, but had to sell the rock and roll gear when my kid was born 8 years ago out of financial necessity. Well, I've been a good boy and taken care of our finances for a while, so I'm looking at rebuilding my rock gear stash. So I've been shopping and watching lots of YouTube reviews, and I'm in *love* with the Epiphone 335 Pro - it sounds fantastic clean or distorted, it's big and airy, it's a beautiful cherry color, and that semi-hollow body style just feels so cool to play - makes me want to buy a suit and play nothing but "That Thing You Do" for an hour. It's already wired for coil tapping (which saves me the pain of rewiring a semi-hollow myself). I see folks using 335s overdriven, so, hopefully that means I'm not insane for thinking I can use it that way. If I can get it to work for me it would also be nice in my clean arsenal next to the Fenders. But I have one problem with it that I can't over-look: when playing overdriven, it gets muddy and noisy when you hit a power chord below the third fret on the low e string (open e, f, f#). It looses definition/clarity in a way that a Les Paul will retain when you go that low. I tried 3 different 335 Pros, different amps - all had the same problem. Tried for a long time to EQ it out by lowering the bass and gain, and fiddling with every other knob/button/setting, but to get to get close to a fix, I had to cut things so far I lost the tone that I liked in the first place. Is there any hope for fixing that muddy low sound? Pickups? Tuners? Intonation (which is why I tried 3)? ...Or am I asking the 335 to do something it is just not meant to do, and I should just *settle* for a nice Epiphone LP for those solid, compressed driven tones? (They have gold top traditional pro 3's on sale this weekend, and they were very nice....) If you have any friendly advice, I'd love to hear it.
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