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Found 4 results

  1. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here: I bought a brand new Epiphone from Guitar Centers end last year, and Its been great! Love it! However I noticed some buzzing on the frets last month and decided to take it back to GC for a tune up. When I picked up the guitar the Tech said the truss rod needed adjusting but the drive hex had a manufacturing defect and he was only just about able to adjust it. Any further adjustment would not be possible. So I emailed the contact at Epiphone as recommended by GC, and sent photos to a "Terry Green" there who's response was: "the photos of the truss rod nut you sent us were viewed by the Epiphone Returns Cooridinator, who by the way has examined tens of thousands of these instruments, and it was determined there was no evidence of a manufacturer defect. There is a sufficient amount of hexigonal insertion wall to adequately turn the truss rod with the PROPER sized Allen wrench." (typo's from the original email. I felt condescended by the tone of this) Not sure how I proceed with this. I couldn't persuade the Epiphone guy to contact GC or vice versa. Just to say I have never attempted to adjust the guitar - way out of my sphere of knowledge, and I've always kept it under safe conditions (humidity and heat) so I don't even know why it needed adjusting in the first place. Thanks for any ideas Tony B Berkley MI
  2. Hello there, I'm new here. Just got this Epiphone today. When adjusting the truss rod cause the neck was pretty bowed forward and then the truss rod went down a bit. It doesn't move loosely. But it's bit weird... Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi, all. There is a lot of debate on the proper way to store a guitar, specifically regarding the tension on the neck. I would like to get your thoughts on the matter. One question that comes to mind; is the truss rod of the Spirits single-action? Because if it is, then I will simply loosen the truss rod all the way and take off the strings, so that there will be no tension on the neck at all. But, if it is a dual-action rod, loosening it all the way would be a very bad idea. Supposing it is dual-action, what then?
  4. Hey folks, So I got a new Epiphone (Sheraton ii Pro) and the action was really low out of the box, so much so that there's a bit of buzzing going on. I took it to the man who sets up my guitars and we found that the truss rod wasn't tightened at all. This obviously creates a problem because if we tighten it anymore, the neck will become even more convex and the buzzing will get worse. His idea was to put 11s on the guitar instead of 10s to increase tension in the opposite direction, and rase the bridge a bit to see where we're at after that. I do trust his expertise, but I wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience here. Have you ever gotten a guitar with a truss rod like that, and how has it affected the life of the guitar? Thank you
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