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Found 6 results

  1. I’m trying to solder a new toggle switch on my special ii and am having trouble with which wires solder to the corresponding posts on my new toggle. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Hi Friends! I cracked open my new Epi Coronet to take a look under the hood, and I was quite impressed overall. I noticed that the 2-conductor pup connection is a quick-connect type connection. I think it'd be kinda fun to find some of the male connectors and crimp them on to some other pups I have, but I haven't had luck finding the specific connector. I know the simple solution is just to cut them off and solder, but yeah, just want to explore this idea more. I've searched extensively and have found many similar connectors, but would like to find an exact match because I am a weirdo 🤓 Do any of you (or anyone at Epiphone) know the specific brand and type of connector used? Thanks!!!
  3. My neck volume pot has been scratchy so I opened up the cavity for the first time (aka everything inside has been done by the factory) and noticed something that looked off to me. Shouldn't the braided wire from the switch be soldered to the neck volume pot as well? It is my understanding that the braided wire should be connected to the ground of the switch, and then soldered to all of the pots and finally the ground of the output jack. This is the only pot that it is not soldered to. Does this mean my neck volume pot is not grounded?
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a L-6S that was passed down to me from my grandfather. After several years of playing it I would like to restore and replace some of the parts. Mostly replace the pickups, pots, and wiring. Everything on this is still the original equipment and other than what I just mentioned all is in great shape. I'm wanting more specifics on this brand if possible. I'm unsure of the exact year but I have the serial number. Also, one if the pickups has November 197X on it. So I'm almost there! Any suggestions on replacement parts would also help me out. I've attached some pictures as well, however having to resize them didn't improve the clarity. Thank you all.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new here, just a quick question. I recently bought my first Epiphone, as you can read from the title, it's a Lee Malia Explorer. It has a dummy coil on the backside of the neck P-90. The idea is it should cancel some (or all) of the hum from the neck pickup. However, when I opened the plastic cover of that dummy coil, I saw a wire wrapped around it. It has a naked end to it (no plastic insulation around the end of that wire), like it's intended to be soldered somewhere, but it isn't. So the question is - is that wire supposed to be soldered somewhere or not? Because it doesn't cancel all of the hum from the neck p-90. Thanks.
  6. ok so i have come across a gibson skylark ga-5t and well its unlike the wiring and setup i see from most the schematics i have been able to find online. i have some picture of the chassie i will attach with this post. any information you guys may have will be grately helpfull, as im not sure what tubes are sapose to be here or any tecnical information about the caps witch im sure are bad becasue of the horrid 120 cycle deffining hum i recive when it turns on. i also beleive i have a bad tube if not two. HELP if you have seen this arangment or own one of these variations of the ga-5t
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