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Honey Burst or Iced Tea?

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Hello all! I am brand new here, I don't do Internet forums a lot, but I was hoping to run into some one knowledgeable on here.


I picked up a life-long dream at the Presidents' Day sale at Guitar Center-- An Epiphone Les Paul. I've wanted one as long as I can remember, and finally I had the cash and an understanding wife. Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro.


Now here's my question: when I bought it, I just assumed it was the Honey Burst, but after I got it home and started looking at the features it has on the Epiphone website, I think it looks more like the Iced Tea. How can you tell? It didn't come with any paper work to speak of, when I bought it I just thought it was a great looking guitar that sounded amazing and I really didn't care what the color was called. It was only after I got it home and looked here on the interwebz that I got curious. Any way to find out?

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I just assumed it was the Honey Burst....


Most of the other guys and gals on here are much more knowledgeable than me, and you're right - the two finishes are pretty darn close. I'm looking at epiphone's site for the comparison. The honeyburst edge color is slightly darker than the iced tea, and the photo of your NEW LES PAUL looks like the honeyburst to me.


Congratulations on your new baby! Whatever finish it is, it's looking good!


Me, I was kind of thrown by the transluscent amber.... =P~ I should take off that pick guard, though....



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Thanks for all the responses. I thought it looked somewhere in the middle of the two, maybe a little more on the Iced Tea, just because it seams to look a little more golden yellow and the honeyburst looks a little more pale yellow on the website, but it looks amazing either way. Having worked with woods before, I suppose it's very likely that the finishes aren't going to look the same on every guitar, but isn't that what you love about them? Every guitar is an individual. Thanks again for the responses.

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The close up looks like a honeyburst. The overall looks like an Ice tea. The temp (color) of your lights and the angle can make a huge difference in the color we see in your pic. All that being said, I am pretty sure it is a honeyburst.

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