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I got mine when I was 13 years old. Here's a good description of them. It comes with Dirty Fingers pickups. I agree that the pickups are worth half that cost. They smoke! I have the Custom which comes with a coil tap and ebony fingerboard. The Deluxe has no coil tap and the fingerboard is rosewood.


The Sonex has some great clean tones and it really does smoke with heavy distortion. This guitar is not meant for slightly overdriven tones though (doesn't have that warm classic Les Paul tone). They claim that it gets longer sustain than a Les Paul, which I believe to be true. It's all due to the "multi-phonic" body, which (according to Gibson) is something called "resonwood" surrounding an inner tone wood core.


I see them for around $350 to $400. It's a very heavy guitar and built like a tank. I pounded the daylights out of it for at least 10 years straight gigging 2-3 nights a week.



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Thanks Rocketman.

I just knew one of the brothers on the forum would come through for me.

I'm glad it was you as I have respect for you.

Thanks again.


No problem my friend. Defintely let us know if you pull the trigger on one. I can't answer the question on whether I'd get one because it was my main guitar for so long. You never forget your first!

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