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Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE's Esonic2 pickups?


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How did this guy do what he does in this video at about 2:20...



I am looking into buying this guitar, and the sound of both pickups is awesome, but does that mean you need 2 amps? How would you get this to work? I want to record my guitar songs, so I was going to get a cable that I could plug into my guitar then into my computer, but would I be able to get both cables in there and do the same effect this guy is doing?


Forgive my ignorance, I know nothing about acoustic electric guitars. I have played plenty of non-electronic, but electronic is new to me and I wanted it mostly to record my music and play with amps on stage. :D Thanks soo much!!!

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I don't know how he did it. but I can tell you this....I have this exact same DR-500mce Epiphone Masterbilt...and it IS awesome! And it DOES sound JUST like you hear this guys Masterbilt. I've never heard a more natural acoustic electrified sound on any other guitar as natural as this one with the Esonic double pick up system. Get it while you still can. These are one of the few Masterbilts still being made.

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He is running each pickup into some piece of equipment that has more than channel. Doubtful that he is using one amp to do both pickups cause he is panning. He describes "panning" one pickup to the left and the other to the right. What he means is that the signal form one pickup is sent to the right speaker and the signal from the other pickup is sent to the left speaker. Thus it creates the "space". It can be accomplished many different ways.


I have a 2 channel amp and i run each pickup into its own channel. It really gives it a thick "two" guitar sound. It is awesome for live shows.


There are so many endless possibilities for recording it would take too long to explain. Just do a lot of online searches and you will find what works best for you.

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As I recall, he said he was actually going into two amps.


I have one Epi Masterbilt with the two pickup systems and two less expensive Epis with the under saddle system.


Some have complained about problems with the two-pickup system but mine has worked quite nicely run through a "clean" AE amp and sounds very, very nice as an acoustic - frankly better with the cord plugged into the endpin "mono" jack and both pickup systems in use.


I don't care to have an AE sound like an old jazz box because I have jazz boxes. I just want mine to sound like a nice acoustic and it does. IMHO it's too big for the comfort of jazz playing, but that's just me and everybody's physical geometry and playing style will be different - and therefore both playability and comfort.


The problem with questions like this to me is that each of us not only have different physical geometry, we each also have different expectations in sound. The two pickup system actually can get a much wider range of sound than a single version regardless of guitar size, woods, etc.


OTOH, although I have an Epi Masterbilt AJ500me that sounds marvelous with the two pickups... I end up using the far less expensive PR5e that is a smaller box with laminates and a single undersaddle eSonic pickup and the simpler preamp.


Why? Okay, it lacks the marvelous sound of the Masterbilt both from size and quality woods, although it's fine as a "parlor guitar." It sounds quite nice up to pro standards as a gently fingerpicked guitar amplified through an AE amp and/or a PA board. For my body, playing style and ... well, inclinations ... it sounds quite nice and it's something I don't think about. Then again, my jazz boxes also are 16-inch bodies about the same size and shape as the PR5e.


Just some things you might wish to think about. OTOH, I don't know what Masterbilts are still being "bilt." Marvelous instruments for the price.



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