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Les Paul Standard Black with Gold Hardware Ivory Colored Bindings and Pickguard

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It depends on what one considers "rare".


For a particular color/hardware/whatever combo not really normal, it may be rare. But Gibson is ALWAYS making stuff a little or a lot out of the standard burst/chrome scheme.


In other words, it isn't unusual at all to find something rare.


It really isn't, especially at the big retailers, especially the last 25 years. The problem is that there is an expectation of higher value applied to anything that is even remotely not what was readily available, therefore "rare".



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With all the "limited" GC editions out there, and the numbers Gibson's filled them... I think we'll eventually get to a point, where GC's LPs are most, or close to the prevalent Les Paul on the used market.


I think as far as a Standard is concerned, with the rarity of runs with gold hardware and double creams (none that I know of), it makes it a tad more unique. Let's be honest, the early 90s LPs are considered some of the best, by a lot of people. I know it compares very favorably with my Custom. The pickups are the only difference, and I prefer the '57 Classics in the LPC.


Does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Not really. But I think it makes for an interesting story/history, finding out why and who it was made for. Good story to tell, when you're showing off your guitars. And while I hope I'm never in the position I would have to move it... when I pass on, I would like whoever gets it, to know what they're inheriting.


Gibson got back to me. I'm going to send them all the pics I have, plus the new ones of the pickups when I swapped rings.



Your serial number was used on a 1990 Les Paul Standard with ebony finish, rosewood fingerboard and gold hardware. We have no archived information on whether the original pick-ups were covered or open coil. It may have been a dealer exclusive model.

Identifying a particular model/variation can be difficult, please send the following information to assist us in identifying and/or dating your instrument quickly and accurately


- A complete description including the serial number and any other information written on or inside of the instrument.

- Any information relating to the known history of the information (such as when and where purchased, any known repairs or modifications made)

- Photos of the instrument (please limit to 2MB total size - emails larger than 2MB will not reach us) - full front, full back, as well as close ups of the front and back of the headstock



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Two weeks and two emails.


I'm trying one more, to hopefully get some idea of numbers made and just because I'd like to know if it was a Sam Ash exclusive?


So, I got confirmation on the pickups last night.


Here's the only facts, I have so far.


During at least part of June 1990 Gibson made a limited run of ebony (only) Standards, with all gold hardware, and cream plastics. Pickups were uncovered, unmarked 490R/498T double cream humbuckers.

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