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A question about a guitar case

Big Arm

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to get the exact measurements you could go to the item descriptions for each guitar. i have the bb king model and the case is marked as a bb king and the guitar fits snug at the back (end pin) and both outside surfaces of the horns along the base bottom and top of the guitar and the upper and lower bouts touch the padding on the case, so i have no sidewards movement and a little along the long access of the guitar. i would think they would be identical, but a check of each spec sheet would confirm their measurement.


I checked the spec sheet, and the 345, like the 335 shows 16 X 19, the BB King shows 16 X 20, double check me, but if so then a 335/345 case should be the same and the bb a little larger. If you are close to the store you could check it out, and then Gibson or the dealer shouldn't have a problem switching it out for you.

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