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Value of 1995 L4A


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Hello, I'm new to the forum. Crossing my fingers that I'm not violating any policies here.


2 years ago I bought a barely played 1995 L4A. I played it a lot for a year, then I came across a rosewood body guitar who's sound I prefer. As much as I don't want to give it up (it's my first and only Gibson; it's beautiful and fun to play, with the shorter scale). But I have drifted away from the sound of maple, and it doesn't get played very often.


If I do decide to sell or trade it, does anyone have an opinion about a fair asking price?


It's nearly mint but not quite, maybe 9.5/10- no scratches, just a barely visible little ding on the lower bout and an area on the back with some type of damage to the finish (a luthier buffed most of it out and suggested it might have been caused by contact with something chemically incompatible with the finish- in other words, its not a mechanical wear like buckle or button rash). It has the dark stained maple body and sides' some type of darker spruce top; Fishman Prefix Plus electronics; and the trapezoidal fretboard inlays.


Thanks in advance,

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