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Nut change - gibson nut? - Les Paul


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So as to play it quick,


After comparing my Gibson SG neck with my Epi Les Paul neck, I noticd that despite

the 'glide slope' in the back is different, the dimensions seem to match 'sideways'

(the scale length is the same), but I noticed the Epi nut somehow has its string grooves

imprinted way too close, comparing to the gibsons.

Despite the guitar sounds great, it doesn't helps or feels good, is there a way that

I can have the nut regrooved or have it changed and take out a different feel off my old

guitar or should I let it go for someone who likes Epis as they are?

It would also go for a fret plaining/polishing...


It sounds very good, if it would feel good, I would like to keep it.

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Epi nut somehow has its string grooves imprinted way too close, comparing to the Gibsons.

Not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying that the E to E string distance is not as you would like it?

If so...

Epi and Gibson are close but, not exactly the same. The E to E spread is about 1/16" wider on the Gibson.

Also, for replacement purposes, the Epi nut is thicker (1/4") opposed to the Gibby (3/16').


The outside neck widths are also close, but not the same. Epi = 1.68".... Gibson = 1.69"

No one makes a Gibson pre-slotted nut with an Epi thickness. That doesn't mean you can't have one.


Your Epi nut could easily be replace with whatever specs you desire by any decent tech.

I only suggest going to a qualified tech as I do not think you will have the necessary tools or previous experience to

do the work yourself. (based on your question)


Anyway, the answer is "Yes" you can have a new nut made with wider E to E specs providing that the decreased difference from

the outside of the strings to the edge of the neck is not a problem for you. (You will be moving the outside strings approx. 1/32"

closer to the outsides of the neck.


Best of luck,



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Well, it was comparing the Epi to a 60 slim taper profile, yes, it says the nut is 1,695 indeed.


Not mentioned before, this Les Paul is my very first cool guitar, which I had since I was

17 or 18 (im in the 30s now), thats basically half my life. It does has very few marks of

age, I put better pickups on it, it has ocurred to me now that maybe what bothers me the

most is not the nut itself, but maybe the neck profile itself might be another aspect that

may be annoying me on the LP.


So I believe that if done, this job may actually bring me a little comfort, but maybe it

wouldn't 'fix the problem'.


Dang, this guitar is lovely. Didn't want to get rid of it.

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