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Who made you want to pickup a guitar

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I was born in 1946. In the early 50's there weren't "rock" guitarists and the first guitar I heard was classical. Then later in the 50's came the Great Folk Scare and that did it. Chuck Berry was the first rock guitar I remember. Then the Ventures. By the time the Beatles arrived I was already playing and haven't stopped since.

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Nobody,, my parents forced me into an instrument. I chose guitar.

Went through about 6 Mel Bay books with a strict teacher.

Then quit for several years and picked it up again when I was 20 because my stoner friend could play Wish You Were Here on acoustic.

I said, "wow you can play that?" He said "ya I can show you".

The rest is history.


Then I quit again after about 10 or 15 years of playing and I just picked it up again about a year ago.


So no one instance "made me want to play".

It was an evolution and a passion.

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Duane Eddy - Hank Marvin.


Interesting to guess how old we all are by the responses to this question. Safe to say Milo and I have probably forgotten more licks than some guys know LOL.


I spent the first 6 years of my guitar playing life not learning more than a handful of other musicians riffs because I was more interested in writing my own stuff. It was only after then that I started learning whole songs

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Hall... Lonnie is on my list of all time greats...I discovered him in high school... I wore out two of the "Wham of That Memphis Man" albums...turned 'em white as snow!!


Kaiser Bill - That is great to hear. I go way back with Lonnie M. and the early men of Dodd's, Guys n Dolls, The Precinct and etc. here in greater Cincinnati/ Northern Ky. I should have "done" my guitar lessons better when I had such good teachers!

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This is something that I always ask people, and its because i suppose it reminds me of when i first wanted to pickup a guitar. For me it was this video of Jimi Hendrix, I saw it on the E channel many years ago, I think i may have been about 8 years old when I saw this. and since then, I've always wanted to play, not only that but it made the 67 V my favorite guitar of all time, of course. I had no idea who this was, or the brand/model guitar was at the time. oddly enough, for christmas 2002, I got my first guitar, a Jay Turser Strat copy


SO, who made you wanna pickup a guitar?!



Hi from Alexandria.

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