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Yamano ES335?


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Hey guys,


I recently purchased a good mate's ES335 Dot Reissue in Cherry. I'd been after it for a while: I've played a few in my time, and his always seemed to just have that 'certain something'. It's certainly been played-in. In fact, it's got plenty of buckle rash and a few scratches and dings, which was how I was able to get a decent price for it. It's a 2001 Dot Reissue from Nashville in Cherry. I've added a couple of pics.


The thing hadn't been cleaned, polished or serviced for a long time. Eventually a few weeks ago I got the time to set it up, restring it and generally have a good clean and polish. I was surprised at how flamey the top, back and sides are after the grime removal.


As I was putting her away, I flicked through the bits and pieces in the case. Other than the Gibson USA warranty / check card - there was a sealed certificate and booklet from Yamano printed with the guitar serial number, a stamped certificate with a Japanese dealer's details on it and the trussrod tool.


And now my question. Did Yamano pick special ES335s like they did with LPs? Or does that mean that this is just a standard Reissue that just happened to be sold in Japan by Yamano?


I'm just fascinated because I can't find a thing on the 'net about Yamano ES335s aside from the block reissue.


Thanks in advance, guys.





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