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A Gibson Dealership Coming to WY & SD


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Just saw your thread...


Must be Haggertys Musicworks - Specializing in Mesa/Boogie, Suhr and PRS


Haggerty's Musicworks is located in Rapid City, SD and Gilette, WY


Rapid's where I got my little Eastman jazz box and a couple of Epis. They proudly proclaim they're a top Epi dealer among the independents on a national basis.


How'd you hear about it? Even their web page doesn't proclaim that.


Or is it somebody else???



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It's Haggertys

I think at or after NAMM they decided to take the plunge. They sell a ton

of Epi's at least in the Gillette area. I walked in one day a few weeks back

and they asked me what Gibson's I would like to see come in to the store.

That week they placed an order for maybe up to a dozen just for the Gillette branch.

I think it will be a great fit especially since both stores have a luthier. I am wondering

how they will do the marketing and announcement as a dealer. You have probably seen

some of their commercials. I know that our area is excited and I think the first batch will

sell quickly. When they hit or about to hit Gillette I'll let you know. The drive is about the same for you

about an hour.

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