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Dimebucker in an sg?


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I'm gonna' go with the "DON'T" comment.


Although, if you just want something hotter than stock there are other options that can help maintain the SG's inherent tone and still give you a little more "oomph" (Dirty Fingers, Angus Young signature pickup, etc). The problem with extremely high-output pickups (and EMG's, sorry any Wylde-children out there) is that the pickup's characteristics overshadow your guitar's natural sweetness. Ever heard an EMG-equipped Les Paul clean? Ugh. Sh%t City. It's great if all you're doing is high-gain metal and rely mostly on effects and "more-machine-than-wood" sound, but if you like the basic tone of your guitar and just want more kick, go with something a little more complimentary to the guitar. You'll have a hard time putting her down if you do!



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it all depends on what type off tone you are shooting for.


what works for me might be the worst possible choice for you .... and vice versa .


but from my experience the Dimebucker lacks tone and depth ... but if you like Dime's tone then it might work for you.


as for active p/u's ... try the original Duncan LiveWire humbuckers instead of those dry generic sounding EMG's if you want actives with real guitar tone.


the Gibson Dirty Fingers is a screaming beast of a pickup. i highly recommend them.

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