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real deal Epi or just another fake?


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Hi, can anyone help me indentify this Les Paul?

Is it real Epiphone made?

The serial number is a little bit strange, numerical serial number, 9 digits.

I know that there are Epiphone with all numeric serial, but longer digits with factory codes and production date.

Also, the nuts was black color, usually it was white/ivory color (perhaps someone change it?).







Thanks for any help :)

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A clear pic of the back of the headstock including the serial number would be a great help.

Take it a step further and a shot of the control cavity always helps.


With the pics you have put up I could do no more than speculate.


Still....Given the basics:




I would lean toward...



I will add that if the serial number indicates a Korean LP from years ago....

The knob placements were less consistent. Even so, the pickguard bracket screw looks off.



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Some epis come with black nuts, so that does not necessarily mean anything.

But the knobs on that guitar do look a little out of place. They look like they are too far apart, and should be grouped closer together and at a different angle (as Willy pointed out).

Not sure, but I'm with Willy on this one.

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The Guitar Dater Project doesn't recognize that serial number. That's not conclusive, but suggestive that it's phony. The serial number just doesn't look right either. There are a couple 2001 Epi LPs on ebay at the moment, and their serial numbers start with a letter indicating Korea-made, not to mention that they just look considerably different. I'm highly skeptical that's a real Epi. If I was looking to buy it, I'd keep checking till I could really determine its authenticity.

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Well thank you for all responses.

I already asked this question on another forum while waiting for admin approval. I forgot my old ID password and registering this new ID.

And guys over there were not sure either with this one.


Someone offered this guitar for around $170.

But it's kinda suspicious, plus there are lot of fake Epiphone stuffs circulating in my country (LU serial, fake EE serial and other not-so-close copy).


But well then, I'll pass on this one since I was looking for nice real deal Les Paul, and Epiphone is what I can afford at this moment.

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