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Back when I was a teen, my father hauled home this bigass Guild hollowbody, an X-500 (see below). The idea was to sell it for a friend but I got to play it for a few weeks and I remember it being a really nice playing guitar. In retrospect, I wish I could have kept it but probably wouldn't have truly appreciated it being the metal head that I was.


Here's a pic of one that looks just like the one I was playing:



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Heh! I'm still a bit of a metal head only I listen to a greater variety of music these days. What's funny is that, while I'm the token metal guy in my band (well, the drummer is too so that's half the band), we don't play metal and the stuff I write is usually the most mellow songs - and I play a Strat(!!!).

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As far as Guilds, I had/have:


1979 D-55 OK sounding ...needed a neck reset...sold

1980 D-55 Greatest acoustic I've ever owned..traded for my first Gibby J45..Big mistake.

1999 D-55 Bought new...Hated the way it played...sold

2000 D-55 Closest thing to my '80 I've ever heard...she's a keeper

1998 DV-52 My go to acoustic...great guitar.

1998 JF-55 Was a great guitar...bridge lifted, when they reglued it, it lost it's punch...sold


They are heavy and built like tanks.

I've seen a lot of Guilds with bridge lifting problems. Even new ones on the dealer walls with their bridges starting to lift. So check that out before buying.

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The Westerly, Rhode Island (pre-Fender) ones are great guitars. Handmade in the factory that was probably about a 45 mins from my house, they kinda proved that big things could come out of our tiny state. I wish it was still around, it closed when I was a little kid. My dad bought this from the Westerly factory:




It's a 1985 D-17m, and I can honestly say that it plays better than some of the really high end acoustics that I've played in music stores. For some reason, he didn't like it so much and he took it out of storage last year to let me use.

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