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Its on April 15th BBG, will PM you a full report.


However, in the interest of getting some credibility back on the forum I am also going soon after to Portishead and Nick Cave, is that more suitable ?


But, I unappolgically am looking forward to this track... Id be willing to bet if Foo Fighters wrote this track instead and released it now it would be a hit.




ps: will clean out my inbox now ...

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So they still got it PM ?


I was wondering how they are going to come across, does Beth still have that semi-suicidal vibe ?


She looks like a harrowed old ....wait for it.... half decent vibey singer ;)


I've seen Portisheaed 3 times now, twice back in the day, the third time just recently as mentioned, I actually found the new sound a bit more edgy, of course the classics get the biggest cheer of the night over newer material, but that's just the nature of things, a thoroughly decent gig though and I never heard a rough word about it since, so yeah, still putting on a decent event. I saw them in a big enough hall with an absolute monster of a sound system though, a smaller place / PA mightn't be as effective. The sound that night gave the DJ boys a very clear cut through in the mix and it was overall a more aggressive sound than I've heard them with before, but I really enjoyed it.


Talking of edgy, I saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Tuesday night there.... What a sound!

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