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Pictures of your main Amps


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Currently all I have is lol.. but I do love my little Marshall, its louder than it looks and at least to my ears sounds great for a little solid state.



You can hear it here.. I took it to an old empty church to play and get natural reverb :)


I don't play out and I live above someone else so I don't get to play loud often.. Mostly I play into my Boss Mini studio 4 track thingy with headphones....


Ive had a couple of nicer amps.. This one I had for a bit but it made me sad cos I could never turn it up enough to get a good sound out of it... The guy I sold it too was using it in a band and said it was amazing up loud.. I kinda wish I hadn't sold it..



I also had one of these for a while and really loved it... But sold it cos I needed the money (for my 2008 Standard :unsure: ) :)



One day I will get a really nice valve amp :)

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