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Pictures of your main Amps


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Okay, apparently we aren't just doing "main" amps here anymore so...


'77 Deluxe Reverb




Handbuilt UberChamp












'69 Princeton




'66 Epiphone Electra and VHT Special 6 Ultra head



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Surf, that Epi reminds me of Sonny Landreth. I saw a picture of him at about age 12 with one.


Man, that thing is one great sounding amp too. Got it for $70 in a pawn shop about 20 years ago. Changed out one tube and replaced the speaker and boom.... 15 watts of killer EL84 blues tone - reverb and tremolo too.

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My taste always change, so all my amps are my main amp.


Right now it's

Mesa stiletto ace



Next month it could be




Or jmp 2204



The egnater had some cool sounds



And i always come back to my first amp-Dsl 401



They all have their strength and weaknesses. Non of them are perfect, but nothin' is i guess.

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Thank you Sir!

It reminds me a very nice Marshall 20 watter I tried a week ago. It was a 2061x. Great sounding and dynamic head.


Very similar. The 20 watt head uses a solid state rectifier whereas this one is tube. The 20 watt head also does not have bass, middle and treble controls on either channel. the 18 watt does on one channel. Both are great sounding circuits though.

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How do you find those 1W Marshalls? Can you really get authentic Marshall tones at very low volumes with them?


Yea, they are great. The 1/10 watt setting is a little on the anemic side, but great for quiet practice. Set to the full one watt roar they are pretty fat - especially through a 2-12 or 4-12 cab - surprisingly full and robust. The two of them in stereo is pretty heavenly.

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Surfpup... thanks very much. That is (according to the tube chart code) an April 1964 issue. I bought it and a '58 "P" bass from a customer at a VFW Club in San Jacinto California in 1988. All I've done to it is change the tubes (they were original) and replace the tilt legs for it. They were lost years ago. The bias has been reset, and all the caps have been replaced with NOS parts from a vintage store in Arizona. It really barks!!

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Wow, a lot of you guys have some major pieces of equipment. Serious sound. My gear for big venues (at least big for me) is a Yahmaha Stage Pas unit..In all sincerity, I'm always very impressed by someone who understands and knows how to use and co-ordinate all of this gear. Cool stuff.

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