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The other day I played an Epi EB-3 (based on former gibson EB3-L for the long scale),

despite I really love short scale basses and might have had fun with an EB-0 as well,

I plugged this 2010 EB3 on this little amplifier and when equalizing and then playing

it with some gain, I found it quite a bit of a different experience from playing a fender

bass (despite I love an old beat up precision as well), it is a bit heavy, and can

easily be used for self defense too, afterwards, upon taking a better look at

the instrument, I noticed its frets were very low and thin, the truss rod was

very precisely tuned (impressive, don't think it had the rod touched), despite

I think the action could be a tiny bit lower, but I can't complain.


I must add that those pickups are like none I seen before (have played fenders

and similars mostly), playing with the gain, I got great tones off them and

I realized what made these guys famous at their time.


I stared at it for a while, while the body seemed to be of classic mahogany, the

neck did not look like regular mahogany, its wood looked much more smooth and

not any grainy at all (neck is heavy as hell), and instead of the 'spear' shaped

rod cover it had a bell shaped one with an Epi 'E'. The fingerboard looks like

a thick piece of rosewood, but I could be wrong.



Is this a great bass, or what? Did it change any bit from 2010?

Looks like Gibson is updating some instruments infos at the site...



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